Top Tips and Tutorials: How to Fit an EPDM 6” Cover Strip

Top Tips and Tutorials: How to Fit an EPDM 6” Cover Strip

In this series, we’ll be offering our top tips and tutorials, covering your questions and giving practical, expert advice on some common installation challenges. If you have a question about any of our products and services, get in touch today.

‘How do you join two pieces of EPDM?” is a commonly asked question here at the PermaRoof UK online store. With two options, we’re going to highlight one of them using an EPDM 6” cover strip tape. We offer practical advice and free installation guides to take you through every step.

How to Fit an EPDM 6” Cover Strip Tape

We’re pleased to announce the latest 2022 version of our popular installation guide - How to Fit an EPDM 6” Cover Strip. 

We’ll run through everything with you – with tips on what to do first, how to tell when it is ready and guide you through until completion.  There are two ways to access the installation guide:


Alternatively, we’ve reproduced the guide on this page here – ready for you to view and read online.


Expert advice from the EPDM installation training team

PermaRoof UK installation guides are produced by our experienced EPDM training team, expert installers who train trade roofers from across the UK at our dedicated EPDM training centre.

Every installation guide offers clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the EPDM install process. Our extensive library covers main area application, edges and detailing, installing EPDM accessories and everything in between. 

We also have a broad range of video tutorials, technical and safety data, product brochures and much more in the Knowledge Base

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