The Difference Rooflights Can Make to a Garden Room

The Difference Rooflights Can Make to a Garden Room

A growing number of homeowners are choosing to build garden rooms for a wide range of purposes from working to entertaining to housing guests. Bringing a raft of benefits, these additional spaces require careful planning to make sure the builds are as efficient and cost effective as possible. If you’re thinking of building a garden room this year, the planning starts now.

Today, some of the most innovative construction models are lightweight and straightforward to install, insulate and waterproof. The installation of rooflights can be a gamechanger when it comes to energy consumption in these types of constructions, especially if the structure has been fully insulated. 

In this article, we’ll explore this further and find out more about how rooflights make a valuable addition to your garden room projects, bringing energy-saving, aesthetic and practical benefits.

Transforming the interior aesthetic

Adding a touch of class, skylights and rooflights can transform the interior of garden rooms, opening up the ceiling to the sky and giving a feeling of space. If this has been coupled with an open frontage, the effect can be breath-taking from the inside of the structure with the additional natural light.
Natural light is also much kinder on the eyes than most artificial light sources, especially for long periods, typical of a home office setting. 

Reducing energy consumption

The use of natural lighting cannot be underestimated when thinking about energy consumption and cost. If used in a garden office environment, the need for artificial lighting during the day can be dramatically reduced, improving energy ratings and bring down cost.

Additionally, natural sunlight through rooflights provides an element of heating, reducing the reliance on supplementary heating sources and again, energy usage.

When combined with high performance roofing insulation and waterproofing, rooflights can be part of a reliable, long-term installation that will bring sustainability to the project.

Supporting eco-friendly projects

Rooflights can fit perfectly into eco friendly projects, such as the addition of a green roof on the garden room. Using a deep kerbed skylight sealed within an EPDM waterproofing system or liquid roofing solution over performance insulation board is the ideal approach.
Some garden room projects incorporate an extensive system with a roof terrace. Walk on frosted versions are available for these types of installations, or rooflights can be fitted within raised beds on the green roof for a different look or if clear glass is still required.

Can we help you plan the addition of rooflights?

PermaRoof UK can help you from the earliest stages of your rooflights project, supporting you with product choices, quantities and buying, DIY installation or finding a trusted local contractor to help you complete the job.
If you’re building a garden room from scratch, we can help there too. Our PermaRoom steel framed buildings can be precisely designed to incorporate rooflights and other features using our free, in-house CAD-design service. Structures are fast and easy to erect and can also be bought off-the-shelf in standard sizes if you don’t need the precision design.

We stock a range of EPDM and liquid rubber roofing kits for waterproofing and Brett Martin rooflights right here in our online store. For a wider range of rooflights and skylights, skypods and bespoke options, please visit our PermaGroup sister, The Skylight Company here.
We’re here to help support your projects, regardless of size. Let us help you realise all the benefits of rooflights in your garden room this year.
This is an updated version of a popular blog post from September 2020. You can read the original article here.