Specially formulated EPDM adhesives for flat roofing

PermaRoof UK adhesives have been specially formulated for EPDM rubber roof systems and are fast and easy-to-apply using a roller, pad or spray system. We supply water-based deck adhesive for timber flat roof decks and PermaRoofUK bonding adhesive for a wide range of other surfaces, such as concrete and metal. Available in a range of sizes to suit your projects.

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Your one-stop-shop for EPDM roofing

Order roofing adhesive and all your installation essentials online today before 12pm for same day order turnaround and fast delivery. Secure ordering and award-winning sales and customer service support. Call the team on 01773 441947 or use the live chat if you need help with your order.

Additional installation guides, product information, technical and safety data can be found in the PermaRoofUK corporate resource library.

Why a good roofing adhesive is important when installing EPDM

EPDM roofing systems carry an unmatched life expectancy of more than 50 years. Proven over a wide range of climates all over the world, EPDM is widely used on domestic, commercial and industrial roofing projects. Using good quality EPDM adhesives is essential to ensure the quality of the installation and to make the most of the long-lasting benefits for your roof.

Both water-based deck and bonding adhesives are available in a range of sizes – 2.5l, 5l and 10l tubs.