Facade EPDM

Facade EPDM

Facade Solutions – 0.75mm EPDM

Bespoke cut to size strips or roll quantities of a wide selection of widths of EPDM

PERMAROOF 0.75MM is an EPDM synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane extremely durable. It’s manufactured by an extrusion/calendering system and process of vulcanization. Membrane with a perfect homogeneity is obtained. The membrane has a textured surface by way of embossing that gives it a better adhesiveness both using cold adhesives and heat sealing. Membrane appropriates for all types of waterproofing in new constructions and/or rehabilitation of buildings and civil works. Roof covers, reservoirs, dams, façades, basement tanking, ornamental applications.

PERMAROOF 0.75MM can be used in ballasted, adhered systems and inverted roofs.

0.75mm EPDM Properties & Key Facts

  • High elasticity
  • Great tensile strength
  • Fully waterproof
  • Temperature stable from -45 ºC to 130 ºC
  • Maintains its elasticity at low temperatures
  • Resistant to temperature shocks up to 250ºC
  • Excellent resistance to alkali rains
  • Extremely durable (30 years minimum durability)
  • Textured surface
  • Improved adhesiveness
  • Suitable for cold adhesives and heat sealing
  • Resistant to UV radiation

EPDM Façade Applications

  • All types of waterproofing
  • New construction
  • Building rehabilitation
  • Ballasted, adhered systems and inverted roofs

Additional Applications for 0.75mm EPDM

  • Roof covers
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams
  • Basement tanking
  • Ornamental

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