Elevate RubberGutter EPDM SA

Refurbish metal gutters fast

Give metal gutters a new lease of life with RubberGutter EPDM SA from Elevate. A cost-effective way to refurbish residential guttering, fast and easy to install, ideal for DIY. Available in 75cm x 20m rolls, primer and drain outlet accessory.

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Why Choose RubberGutter?

Save money and reduce environmental waste by refurbishing your old metal gutters, rather than replacing them with new and give them a second life with RubberGutter EPDM SA from Elevate. 

All too often, metal gutters are torn down and disposed of during roofing replacement or refurb. This can prove a costly move, as removal and replacement with new guttering can be a sizeable investment. Now there is a way to seal and protect metal gutters while giving them a fresh, new look with high performing EPDM membrane. 

RubberGutter has been developed using self-adhering (SA) EPDM membrane with a quick and easy-to-remove release liner that can be peeled away in sections along the gutter length. 

No special tools, heat sources and no adhesives are needed, as sealant, an outlet accessory and the RubberGutter product itself can be utilised to complete the installation detailing: 

  • Drain and gutter outlet
  • Internal and external corners
  • Seams or join details

RubberGutter EPDM SA is available in 75cm width x 20m rolls. It is a lightweight 1.3mm grade EPDM with exceptional durability and flexibility, making it perfect for gutter lining.

Ordering and Delivery

Need any help with your order? The PermaRoof UK teams are ready to help you with expert advice to assist in completing your order. Talk to us and let us help you build a kit list in the right quantities or put together a custom RubberGutter kit to suit your specs. Avoid waste or underbuying and give us a call now on 01773 441 947.

Contact our team to discuss setting up your trade account. Benefit from preferential pricing, a dedicated account manager, samples and marketing materials and much more. Give us a call now on 01773 441 947.

  • Orders placed before 12pm will be processed the same day for fast delivery (Mainland UK).
  • Collection available from Alfreton, Derby by appointment.
  • For further product information or after sales service please contact our friendly team by phone, email or chat.

Further Information

We provide a range of installation guides, product, safety info and technical data sheets - download your free copies below.

The self-adhering properties of the RubberGutter system accelerate installation and simplify the process compared to other gutter lining products. This means that a competent and confident DIYer should have no issues during application if both preparation and installation guidelines are followed.

However, should you feel DIY is not for you, please get in touch with the team and let us connect you with a trained and professional RubberGutter installer near you.

Please read these considerations before purchasing RubberGutter:

Suitable substrates

RubberGutter SA is approved for installation on the following substrates:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete


Substrates must be prepared carefully prior to installation to ensure a smooth, clean, dry surface, free from dust, grease or other debris which could inhibit successful adhesion.

Weather conditions

Install RubberGutter only when the membrane, substrate and ambient temperatures are dry and at a minimum of -7 degrees and above. 

Do not install if temperatures are lower than the recommended minimum, during humid weather or if rainfall is expected. 

System accessories

The RubberGutter system includes a drain insert to complete a watertight seal at the gutter outlets, such as drainage downpipes.

Ensure you purchase any accessories prior to installation. The PermaRoof teams are on hand to assist with your order and help you build a kit list if required.

Pieces of the RubberGutter EPDM can be cut and used to create additional flashing, such as on internal corners and for minor repairs where appropriate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included a selection of the top RubberGutter questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question relating to RubberGutter products or installation, please give the team a call or use the Ask a Question facility below.

The Elevate RubberGutter system is perfect for refurbishing metal gutters but can also be used on timber and concrete.

Note that porous surfaces need to be primed in advance of application using QuickPrime Plus primer. If in doubt, use primer anyway or carry out a bond test, especially if using over a large area.

Dry weather is best and above -7°C. We do not recommend tackling any aspect of installation during periods of high humidity or when rain is expected.

There is no adhesive needed to install the RubberGutter system, as it is fully self-adhering. A quick-release backing paper is provided in sections to ease application. Sealant is needed to complete the seal around edges, accessories and seam joins.

No primer or adhesives are needed on non-porous substrates.

Porous surfaces, such as brick walls, for instance, will need to be primed using QuickPrime Plus before installation of the RubberGutter membrane. Primer can be applied using the Quickscrubber Kit  for the best results.

If drain details are not completed by the end of the working day, ensure that rainwater can still flow through the existing outlet. Before leaving, make sure that connections and terminations are temporarily waterproofed to prevent water ingress.

Yes, minor damage, such as tears or nicks, can be repaired using a new piece of RubberGutter EPDM and sealant. 

Full instructions for carrying out repairs can be found on page 22 of the installation guide. Download your copy here.