Flat Roofing Video Guides & Product Features

Permaroof UK Ltd is pleased to introduce our extensive and ever-expanding library of flat roofing video guides, installation tutorials and product feature demonstrations for both trade and DIY roofers. Complementing our range of flat roof supplies, the videos give additional insights into the effectivity and ease of application of our flat roofing systems.


Browse our range of video roofing resources and bookmark us for future reference, as we’re adding new resources every month. In addition, we have a wide range of always-free downloadable EPDM roofing installation guides, technical product information, safety data sheets, tips and advice and more. Visit the installation guides and data sheets page here.

Roofing Systems

PermaroofUK Ltd | EPDM Flat Roof SuppliesWelcome to PermaroofUK Ltd

Find out more about PermaroofUK Ltd, one of the largest licensed distributors of RubberCover roofing systems and EPDM accessories in Europe. With industry-leading EPDM training, the largest flat roof resource library and top-class products at the best prices, can you afford to overlook Permaroof for your flat roof projects?


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Emergency Roof Repair | Liquid Rubber Roofing

Emergency Roof Repair

Permaroof UK introduces the revolutionary solution to all types of roof repairs. Ideal for carrying out repairs to flat roofs, pitched roofs and gutters; suitable substrates include weathered asphalt and bituminous surfaces, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt, metal (galvanised and ferrous). The product can be applied by brush or with a squeegee.


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EPDM Shed Roof Kit

EPDM Shed Roof Kit | Complete Kit for Trade & DIY Roofing

Permaroof is pleased to introduce the EPDM shed roof kit, designed to make replacing an outdated shed roof fast and easy. With an expected 50+-year lifespan, EPDM is a sustainable alternative to traditional felt roofing. Everything you need in a range of standard sizes or bespoke service.


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Curtain Wall Facade EPDM


Permaroof is pleased to introduce our 0.75mm curtain wall facade EPDM, custom-cut to size in any width up to 1.5m on 20m rolls. Forms an effective watertight and airtight seal and is suitable for all types of waterproofing. Watch it being cut to size on our purpose-built roll splitter.


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Removing Creases from EPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM Roofing Membrane | Permaroof Flat Roof Resources

Here we have a useful guide to demonstrate how to remove creases from EPDM roofing membrane. During transit, EPDM can become creased. Resting often removes light creases in the roofing membrane, but occasionally, often following a period of storage, deeper creases need a little more help.


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EPDM Rubber Roofing | Fast & Easy Flat RoofingHow Easy is it to Install Rubber Roofing?

Here we answer one of our most common flat roofing questions - How easy is it to install rubber roofing? Introducing Permaroof EPDM installation training at our purpose-built EPDM training centre at the Derby headquarters. You'll learn about application techniques, the benefits of rubber roofing and much more.


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Firestone EPDM Installation Guides | Permaroof Flat RoofingFitting RubberCover EPDM to Upstand Walls

Fitting waterproofing membrane to upstand walls is fast and easy with Permaroof flat roof systems. Watch our detailed, clear video tutorial to show you how the cold application simplifies the process of installing flat roof membrane at the roof edges and angle changes.


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Flat Roofing Details | Installation Guides from Permaroof UKHow to Finish a Flat Roof at Upstand Wall Ends

A Permaroof EPDM training instructor demonstrates how to finish a flat roof at upstand wall ends to ensure 100% waterproofing effectivity. Using Quickseam FormFlash, the flat roof ends are neatly and reliably finished. Permaroof EPDM training courses offer trade and DIY roofers high-quality, certified training.


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Pro Aqua PVC Gutter Systems | Permaroof EPDM RoofingPro Aqua PVC Gutter Systems

Permaroof is pleased to be sole importers of the Pro Aqua PVC gutter system. Quick and easy to assemble, Pro Aqua has a special water stopwatch that prevents overflowing and protects facades from staining. The three-lip seal is up to 50% more effective than other gutters.


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Roofing Adhesives and Sealants


Elevate Bonding Adhesive

Permaroof UK is pleased to introduce the new Elevate Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 as an alternative to its current bonding adhesives. This new contact adhesive is used for the adhesion of RubberGard™ and RubberCover™ EPDM membranes on to similar substrates.


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Permaroof Bond & Seal Sealant | UK Flat Roof SuppliesPermaroof Bond & Seal Sealant

Permaroof Bond & Seal Sealant is perfect for use with EPDM flat roofing systems and is used to reliably bond Permaroof Edge Trim, External and Internal Corners, End Caps and Joint Clips to EPDM membranes. Available in black or white to suit your flat roofing installation.


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Elevate Water-Based Bonding Adhesive

Permaroof is pleased to introduce RubberCover water-based bonding adhesive, designed for bonding EPDM membrane to timber surfaces. Available in 3 sizes - 2.5l, 5l and 10l tubs with coverage up to 40m2 (10l).


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Elevate Spray Bonding Adhesive

Here we have the high-quality Spray Bonding Adhesive. Newly launched, this sprayable version of the classic bonding adhesive has enhanced coverage rates and reduced drying times. Available in 17l canisters and 750ml aerosol cans.


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Flat Roof Trim

Permaroof Edge Trim | EPDM Rubber Roofing Supplies

Permaroof Edge Trim

High quality Permaroof UK UPVC Edge Trim in black, which can be used with most flat roof membranes. It’s designed with its own water-check kerb to be used around the perimeter of a flat roof to direct water towards the gutter edge.


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Permaroof UPVC Foam Tape Roll | EPDM Flat Roofing MaterialsPermaroof UPVC Foam Tape Roll

Permaroof EPDM accessories are perfect for use with RubberCover EPDM roofing systems. Here we have high-quality closed cell foam adhesive tape, used to give a watertight seal on uneven surfaces at the base of edge trim. Available in 8m rolls.


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Permaroof Gutter Trim

Gutter Edge Trim | Permaroof Rubber Roofing Supplier

Here we have the high-quality Permaroof UPVC 2 Part Gutter Edge Trim. Used along the gutter edge, it sandwiches the EPDM roofing membrane, eliminating penetration when fixing. Here shown in Black - also available in White and Anthracite Grey. Have a look at the Black Permaroof UPVC 2 Part Gutter Trim 65mmx2.5m in black here.


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Joint Clip | EPDM Flat Roofing AccessoriesPermaroof Moulded UPVC Trim Joint Clip

Here we have the high-quality Permaroof UPVC 2 Part Gutter Edge Trim. Used along the gutter edge, it sandwiches the EPDM roofing membrane, eliminating penetration when fixing. Here shown in Black - also available in White and Anthracite Grey. Have a look at the Black Permaroof UPVC 2 Part Gutter Trim 65mmx2.5m in black here.


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Permaroof UPVC Trim Joint Clip | EPDM Rubber Roofing SystemsPermaroof UPVC Trim Joint Clip Grey Moulded

The Permaroof UPVC trim joint clip is used to join together two pieces of Permaroof Edge Trim to give a smooth, professional finish, moulded to the same shape as the Permaroof Edge Trim. Available in black, grey or white to suit all your EPDM flat roofing projects. No fixings required.


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Permaroof Internal Corner | UK Rubber Roof SuppliesPermaroof Internal Corner

The Permaroof internal corner adds a professional touch to any EPDM flat roof installation. Available in grey or white, this strong, injection moulded corner can be installed using Permaroof Bond & Seal or with polypins and finished with corner end caps.


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External Corner End Cap | EPDM Roofing AccessoriesPermaroof External Corner End Cap

Here we have the high-quality Permaroof corner end cap used to finish and seal Permaroof External Corners where the edge profile meets the gutter edge. Available in black or white to suit all your EPDM flat roofing installations. Secure the end cap using Permaroof Bond and Seal for a reliable, long-lasting seal.


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Permaroof EPDM Corner End Cap | EPDM Rubber Roofing SystemsPermaroof EPDM Corner End Cap (White)

Permaroof is pleased to introduce the EPDM End Cap in White, designed to blank the ends of external corners where the Permaoof Edge Profile meets the gutter edge. Apply using Permaroof Bond & Seal for a neat, professional finish. Also available in black and anthracite grey.


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Permaroof Roofing Accessories & Guides

Permaroof Quickscrubber Kit | Fast & Easy EPDM RoofingPermaroof Quickscrubber Kit

Permaroof is pleased to introduce the Quickscrubber Kit, perfect for use when applying QuickPrime Plus primer and cleaner. High-quality handle and pad designed to give comfort and even out the pressure when applied correctly. Easy to install and change pads over. Pads should be changed every 30m (avg).


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Permaroof Polytop Nails | Superior EPDM Fixings & SuppliesPermaroof 40mm Polytop Nails

Permaroof is pleased to introduce quality fixings to complement the long-lasting performance of EPDM flat roof systems. Manufactured from stainless steel, these 40mm polytop pins have black plastic heads and are ideal for securing Permaroof edge trim to fascia boards.


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Quickseam Formflash | High Quality EPDM Roofing SuppliesSeal Around a Pipe with EPDM Quickseam Formflash

Permaroof is pleased to introduce a step-by-step guide on how to create a seal around a pipe on your flat roof project using Quickseam Formflash with cold application. Reliable waterproofing around historically tricky roof extrusions made fast and easy with EPDM accessories from Permaroof.


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RubberCover Roofing Accessories

Batten Cover Strip | EPDM Rubber Roof Accessories

Elevate Batten Cover Strip

Elevate Batten Cover Strip is a semi-cured EPDM and Quickseam Tape laminated designed to cover and seal batten strips and also to join two pieces of EPDM. The release paper has been perforated, resulting in centering marks on the tape which acts as a guide in the application of a EPDM Join.


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Quickseam Corner Flashing | EPDM Roofing Materials

Quickseam Corner Flashing

Quickseam Corner Flashing is a 216mm diameter, circular piece of uncured EPDM, factory laminated to QuickSeam Tape. It is designed to flash outside corners or to be used as a cover patch for repairs where appropriate. Available individually for a single roof repair or in a multi-buy box of 20, ideal for trade roofers.


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Firestone Quickseam SA Flashing | EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems

Quickseam SA Flashing

SA Flashing can be used to line gutters, to carry out general roof repairs where cured EPDM is required, and for skylights and parapets, where flashing heights allow. It can also be used to flash in drain insert pieces and pipe flanges. SA Flashing is a labour-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods which use contact adhesive for attachment.


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QuickPrime Plus

Permaroof is pleased to introduce QuickPrime Plus, designed to clean and prime the EPDM membrane before application of QuickSeam products. Applied using the Quickscrubber pad and handle, QuickPrime Plus is easy to apply and is ideal for use with seam tape, batten cover strip and Formflash.


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Firestone Formflash | EPDM Flat Roof Supplies9" Formflash Tape

Formflash is factory laminated to Quickeam tape and is designed to flash both internal and external corners, pipes and other penetrations, drain outlets and other tricky details on the EPDM flat roof system. Use following preparation with QuickPrime Plus and Quickscrubber pad. Sold by the metre.


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Firestone EPDM Pipe Flashing Boot | Flat Roofing SuppliesEPDM Pipe Flashing Boot

Permaroof is one of the largest importers of Elevate EPDM membranes and accessories in Europe, and is pleased to introduce the innovative EPDM pipe flashing boot, used to provide reliable waterproofing of roofing pipe extrusions up to 6ins wide.


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EPDM Cover Strip Tape | Flat Roof TutorialsJoining Membrane with EPDM Cover Strip Tape

Here we demonstrate how to easily join two pieces of EPDM membrane together with EPDM cover strip tape. Ideal for flat roof repairs and batten detail covering, this laminated EPDM cover strip tape makes light work of the task. Watch the video to learn more about the ease of EPDM application.


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Artificial Grass

PermaLawn Artificial Grass | Perfect for Trade & DIYPermaLawn Artificial Grass

PermaLawn is the brand name for Permaroof's extensive, high-performance artificial grass range. Whether you need a putting green lawn this summer or a low-maintenance garden option, PermaLawn has an artificial grass for you.


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Permaroof UK is one of the largest, licensed importers and distributors of genuine RubberCover EPDM roofing systems, accessories and tools in Europe. We are perfectly placed to deliver high-quality flat roof systems and solutions for all types of roofing installations.


With great prices, next day delivery, award-winning sales and customer service, and the largest flat roof resource library, you can trust Permaroof to help with all your roofing projects – large or small.