Watch our step-by-step guide and find out how to create a seal around a pipe on your flat roof project.

Using Quickseam FormFlash tape and cold application, our guide clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the seal and the ease of application.

There is no need to struggle with tricky protrusions from the flat roof deck any more. Outdated felt roofing methods are time consuming and involve the use of toxic, hot bonding techniques that are unnecessary with the EPDM roofing systems. This makes EPDM membranes perfect for a DIY flat roof project. Few tools are needed, as you can see from our detailed ‘how-to’ guide.

Elevate Quickseam FormFlash tape can also be used to effectively seal seam joins on a flat roof and is ideal when terminating against a wall or roof skylight installation. To find out more, or to see details of EPDM training courses, visit our corporate website.

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