Complete bay window roof kit, ideal for DIY

Fast and easy to fit, our bay window roof kit is perfect for DIY. Contains everything you need to get the job done right first time – High quality Firestone EPDM membrane, adhesives, trim, flashing and fixings. Fast UK delivery.

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Your one-stop shop for flat roof kits and supplies

Find bay window roof kits, flat roof kits, membranes and all your installation essentials in one place at PermaRoofUK.

Secure online ordering and same day order turnaround, fast nationwide delivery and award-winning sales and customer service support. Call the team on 01773 441 947 or use the live chat if you need help with your order.

Fast and easy bay window roof replacement

Buying a kit is the fastest and easiest way to replace the covering of your bay window roof. PermaRoofUK’s bay window roof kit contains a genuine Firestone EPDM RubberCover membrane, unmatched in performance with a 50-year service life expectancy. Use EPDM and give your bay window a completely watertight seal for the long term.

In addition, your bay window roof kit includes sufficient spray adhesive, sealant, gutter trim and flashing to complete the seal. Leave nothing to chance and order your easy to install kit today at PermaRoof UK.

We stock a range of EPDM flat roof kits to suit all your projects, regardless of size. From a standard, off-the-shelf shed roof kit to a customised, complex kit containing a single sheet membrane up to 15.4m x 30m, we can tailor kits to the size you need with no joins needed.

Additional installation guides, technical and product information and safety data can be found in the PermaRoofUK corporate resource library.