Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repair

Save time and money on your emergency roof repair

Need an emergency roof repair? Our liquid PU Emergency Roof Repair product offers a fast, reliable solution. Suitable for a wide range of substrates and roof systems, easy to apply and cures quickly to provide a fast repair in just one coat. Ideal for DIY.


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All your roof repair and replacement essentials in one place

Find all your flat roof repair materials, EPDM and installation essentials in one place at PermaRoofUK. Secure online ordering and same day order turnaround, fast nationwide delivery and award-winning sales and customer service support. Call the team on 01773 441947 or use the live chat if you need help with your order.

Additional installation guides, technical and product information and safety data can be found in the PermaRoofUK corporate resource library. Find the video library packed with how-to video tutorials and product guides here.

Don’t leave emergency roof repairs to chance

Emergency call outs can be costly for homeowners and time-consuming during anti-social hours for roofers. If emergency roof repairs are not attended to quickly, they can develop into more serious issues and result in further damage to the roof deck and interior decorations, furnishings and goods stored inside.

PermaRoofUK developed the Emergency Flat Roof Repair system. No need for a complicated kit - this single, pre-mixed product is fast and easy-to-apply to damaged roofing surfaces using a brush or roller. The liquid PU solution works quickly to seal cracks and tears in EPDM roofing and other roof coverings, such as asbestos, concrete, felt and wooden roof decks.

The Emergency Flat Roof Repair system can also be used for general maintenance work, as an effective sealant to make existing roofing more viable in the short-term and avoiding roof replacement. The system contains fibres that can provide additional strength to the coating and interlaces to fill and cover small cracks or tears in the roofing.

Why choose P500 Emergency Roof Repair?:

  • Instant waterproofing
  • Cold applied for enhanced safety
  • Fast repairs with just one coat
  • No pre-mixing required – ready for use straight out of the tin
  • Can be applied in low or high temperatures.

PermaRoofUK can help with all your flat roof repairs. From high quality patches to QuickSeam products, trust us to help you get the job done right first time. We also stock a wide range of replacement flat roof kits, fast and easy to install, ideal for DIY.