Liquid Roofing

Complete liquid roofing kits for trade and DIY

P100 liquid roofing is a PU-based innovation suitable for application to a wide range of surfaces. Available in 5m2 and 10m2 liquid roof kits, complete with everything you need, or custom built to suit your needs. Ideal for waterproofing almost any substrate and for complex roof systems where membrane cannot be installed. Call us if you need help with your order on 01773 441947 or use the live chat for a quick query.



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Why Choose Liquid PU?

Liquid PU roofing systems are versatile and can cover almost any substrate, curing fast to form a membrane-like encapsulation of the surface. Ideal for complex projects where membrane simply cannot reach, liquid roofing offers a straightforward approach to modern flat roofs.

Our Permaroof 100 liquid PU solution is among the latest innovations for flat roofing and waterproofing projects. Suitable for application to most surfaces, liquid PU gives flexibility to even the most complex roofs and is capable of waterproofing historically difficult to reach areas of some designs perfectly in just a single coat. 

PermaRoof UK’s P100 liquid roofing kits contain everything you need to complete your projects. Order your roof-in-a-box today with fast delivery and benefit from a range of features.

Fast and easy to apply

Liquid PU coatings are fast and straightforward to install, reducing the installation time needed for other types of system. Cold applied using rollers (included in your kit) to increase safety during application. Suitable for a skilled and confident DIYer.

Highly flexible and durable

This highly flexible system offers up to 600% elongation with high puncture resistance. Cures quickly to form a durable, membrane-like finish, encapsulating and protecting the surface. Highly elastomeric solution that maintains flexibility for the long term.

Covers almost any substrate

P100 liquid PU is suitable for a wide range of substrates, from concrete to metal, existing felt and much more. Preparation of the substrate is required, and primer applied before application onto some surfaces (primer included in liquid roof kits).

Low life cycle cost

Requires little or no maintenance over the lifespan and can be easily repaired if accidentally damaged. Suitable for DIY application and reduces professional installation time. This long-term performance delivers a lower life cycle cost than other types of waterproofing over an expected 25-year service life.

Permaroof 100 offers a comprehensive approach for a wide range of substrates, delivering a continuous elastomeric waterproofing membrane suitable for:

Roof Terraces

Roof terraces are increasing in popularity, offering additional space for homeowners across the UK. With urban land availability shrinking, flat roofs are ideal places to add value in terms of usability and often in monetary terms too. Modern roof terracing design often incorporates many features typically found in gardens, such as furniture, paths, patios and planting, similar to some types of green roof.

P100 liquid coatings offer a comprehensive approach for a wide range of substrates, delivering the high performance and reliability needed for these projects. Versatile, fully walkable and capable of accommodating garden furniture, pavers and decking.


When creating an anti-slip surface, such as a car parking zone or to make safe slippery garden steps and paths, use a recommended medium for the best results. This can be mixed with the liquid rubber solution or for a more even spread and finish, sprinkled across the still-wet surface.

Buried Roofs

Buried roofs can be found topping underground spaces. This could be a basement, for example, or cellar that extends beneath the main footprint of the building. Underground parking garages is another common type of buried roof in the UK. Waterproofing is a core element of the buried roofs and walls of any underground structure.

A long-term approach is needed for buried roofs, in a similar way to green roofing, to protect the integrity of the project. P100 liquid PU is perfect, being fast curing to a seamless, leak resistant finish. Inside, it can help to enhance humidity protection, in addition to tanking applications.

Inverted Roofing Systems

Inverted roofing is a growing concept that is replacing warm roof designs across the UK. The waterproofing is installed beneath a ballasted insulating layer that uses pedestals to create air flow. These types of roofing designs can offer a range of benefits – for storm water management and performance on projects with foot traffic, such as terraces or green roofs.

For inverted roofing systems, both insulating boards and waterproofing should be seamlessly reliable to ensure the longevity and success of the project. Liquid roofing systems are ideal for inverted roofing.


Balconies are often the only outside space for apartments and flats in the UK. With more people spending an increasing amount of time at home, balcony spaces are receiving more attention and being used more frequently as a result. For some projects, renovation may require additional work to the flooring and roofing to ensure reliability.

The nature of liquid coatings makes them ideal for balcony projects, covering almost any substrate. Whether waterproofing beneath a deck or creating a safer, anti-slip surface, P100 can deliver the reliability you need.

Emergency Roof Repairs with Liquid PU

PermaRoof introduced Emergency Roof Repair, based on its innovative P100 liquid PU system. Fast and easy to apply, it seals cracks and stops associated leaks to minimise damage. Ideal for both the long-term and to provide a temporary solution while waiting for a professional repair.

Ordering and Delivery

Need any help with your order? The PermaRoof UK teams are ready to help you with expert advice to assist in completing your order. In addition to our standard liquid roofing kits, we can help with custom-built kits for larger projects – please contact our expert teams to find out more today on 01773 441 947. 

Contact our team to discuss setting up your trade account. Benefit from preferential pricing, a dedicated account manager, samples and marketing materials and much more. Give us a call now on 01773 441 947.

  • Orders placed before 12pm will be processed the same day for fast delivery (Mainland UK).
  • Collection available from Alfreton, Derby by appointment.
  • For further product information or after sales service please contact our friendly team by phone, email or chat.

Further Information

Both preparation and installation of our liquid roofing kits are important to ensure the best performance from your project. We’re here to help, whether you’re installing the kit yourself, or looking for a professional installer. The PermaRoof teams are happy to advise. Call us on 01773 441 947 during working hours or use the live chat facility.

What's in your liquid roofing kit?

Standard P100 Liquid Roofing Kit Contents (5m2 and 10m2):

  • Liquid membrane (6kg or 25kg tins)
  • Primer
  • Sufficient matting
  • Rollers and frames
  • Mixing paddle
  • Latex gloves

Correct preparation is essential to ensure both successful application of the liquid roof and long-term performance. Read the preparation guidelines below.

Ensure that the surface is free from debris, dirt and dust and is in good condition. Make any necessary repairs before you begin.

Power wash the roof surface to remove residual dirt and contaminants – this will include oil or grease, which should be removed with a suitable cleaning agent. If moss or lichen has been removed, treat the surface with a proprietary fungicidal wash. Allow the roof surface to dry completely before you begin application of the liquid PU.

If covering existing roofing materials, ensure that any badly damaged parts are ready for coverage:

  • Asphalt blisters should be cut, exposed and filled according to the installation guidelines. Badly degraded asphalt must be removed.
  • Roofing felt cracks or blisters should be cut and re-bonded to the substrate.
  • Ballast chippings should be mechanically removed unless deeply embedded.
  • Cracks in concrete or brick should be cleaned and filled in accordance with the installation guidelines.
  • Corroded metal roofing should be brushed to remove corrosion products and primed.
  • Wood and wood-based materials must be primed prior to application of the liquid roofing.
  • Prepare upstands and expansion joints according to the installation guidelines.

Please refer to the installation guidelines to ensure correct preparation of the roofing for liquid PU. We are also happy to offer advice at any stage of the installation process.

Installing a liquid PU roof with the Permaroof100 system is super-smooth and fast. It cures quickly and is showerproof within 30 minutes, once correctly applied over an adequately prepared substrate.

Needing few tools for application, P100 can be quickly and safely cold applied using a roller. Brushes or small rollers can be used for detailed areas. Containing a self-levelling compound, the main product does not have to be overworked, simplifying application for a non-professional installer. 

NB Ensure fascia and soffits are masked off and protected from drips during the application process.

Anti-slip and anti-skid surfacing

P100 is ideal for creating an anti-slip or anti-skid surface area, such as a car parking zone or to make safe garden steps and pathways. Use a recommended medium for the best results, which can be pre-mixed into the topcoat or hand cast across the still-wet surface before curing is complete.

Completing the seal with roof trim

Using edge trim is the perfect way to complete the seal and aesthetics of the project. Trim is installed after curing is completed to deliver the professional, neat finish to the flat roof project.
Trim is sold separately here. We can also include trim in a tailored liquid roof kit – please contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements. 

Why Buy from PermaRoof UK?

At PermaRoof UK, we don’t just sell products, we’re here to help you with your projects every step of the way. Offering expert advice - from supporting your buying choices to helping you get the best from your system.

Secure online or telephone ordering, same day order turnaround and fast nationwide delivery, followed every step of the way by our award-winning sales and customer support team. Buy with confidence at PermaRoof UK for all your projects – large and small.