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Firestone EPDM Roofs | Flat Roofing for Trade & DIYPermaroof UK Ltd is the country’s premier supplier of EPDM roof systems and accessories, working with rubber roofing professionals and DIY homeowners nationwide. Rubber roofing been steadily increasing in popularity for the domestic market since the introduction of EPDM roofs for commercial roofing more than 20 years ago.


Professional roofers have turned to Permaroof to deliver genuine Firestone EPDM membrane due to its industry-leading reputation for high-performance products at the best prices online and award-winning customer service.


EPDM roofs offer longevity, cost-efficiency and low maintenance benefits. With an expected lifespan of more than five decades, EPDM is fast-becoming the industry go-to roofing product to replace outdated materials such as tar paper (roofing felt).


Permaroof UK Ltd is the country’s premier licenced Firestone Rubbercover distributor and importer of EPDM roof systems and accessories.

What makes EPDM roofs great for DIY?

Shed Roof Kits | Permaroof EPDM Rubber RoofsEPDM roofing membranes are applied using a cold, water-based adhesive which is safe and easy to apply for a skilled DIY enthusiast. This means that smaller roofing tasks, such as shed or garage roofing, can be taken on at home DIY-fashion, saving installation costs and time.


EPDM roofing membrane is manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds and carbon black. The specialist membrane is designed to be fitted in a single sheet, which gives EPDM roofs superior waterproofing abilities and is a bonus for the DIY industry, which traditionally struggles with membrane joins. Joins form the most vulnerable areas of any roof, and EPDM roofs are no exception. However, if EPDM does need to be joined, the system offers a completely reliable method for repair that comprehensively delivers the levels of waterproofing required.


The introduction of the flat roof kit has also been hugely beneficial for the DIY market. Measuring a flat roof for EPDM and ordering the right quantities of materials can be a tricky undertaking for a non-professional. EPDM roof kits are available in standard sizes, perfect for shed roof installation.


Permaroof also offers a super-easy way for homeowners and professional roofers to calculate materials. The Permaroof EPDM Kit Builder App is a simple online tool that can be accessed and used for free. In just four steps, the app delivers a tailored EPDM kit list that can be sent across to Permaroof for your quotation, saved or printed out for future reference.


Try the EPDM kit builder app online now.

Why buy EPDM roofs from Permaroof?

Permaroof Warehouse Staff | Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing KitsPermaroof UK Ltd is based in the heart of Derbyshire, and houses our warehousing, sales offices and EPDM training centre comfortably in great surroundings. Our teams are trained, friendly and professional and are happy to help our customers over the phone during working hours, or online via our live chat facility.


Permaroof UK Ltd holds awards for customer service and sales values. We take pride in our commitment to our clients, and consistently keep them at the forefront of all our major business decisions.


We run Firestone-approved EPDM roofs training in our purpose-built training centre. One-day intensive training courses provide professional roofers with the opportunity to expand their businesses with Permaroof, joining a nationwide network of flat roofing specialists to give homeowners peace of mind when engaging EPDM flat roofers.


Find out more about EPDM roof application training.


Trust Permaroof UK Ltd, the leading supplier of EPDM roofs for trade and DIY.