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EPDM roofing offers longevity, cost-efficiency and low maintenance benefits for both domestic and commercial projects. Fast becoming the industry go-to for replacing outdated materials, EPDM is the perfect modern approach to flat roof projects.

As one of the country’s largest importers and distributors of EPDM, PermaRoof UK can help you with high quality products, accessories, training and installation guides. We can even connect you with a trained and vetted local EPDM roof specialist in your area if DIY isn’t for you.

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The benefits of EPDM for DIY

EPDM rubber membranes are applied using a cold, water-based adhesive which is safe and easy to apply for a skilled DIY enthusiast. This means that smaller tasks, such as shed or garage roofing, can be taken on at home DIY-fashion, saving installation costs and time.

EPDM is manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds and carbon black. The specialist membrane is designed to be fitted in a single sheet, which gives EPDM superior waterproofing abilities and is a bonus for the DIY industry, which traditionally finds membrane joins tricky. Joins form the most vulnerable areas of any roof, and EPDM roofs are no exception. However, if membranes do need to be joined, the system offers a completely reliable method for joins and repairs that comprehensively delivers the levels of waterproofing required.

Easy to handle and fast to install, it is clear to see why rubber roofing is taking off in the DIY marketplace.

How much rubber membrane to buy

Working out the right quantity of roofing materials has historically been challenging for the DIY market. Buying too much can result in wastage and unnecessary costs and not buying enough could mean patching or seaming is necessary. EPDM rubber can often be custom-cut to accommodate up to 15.4m x 30m flat roofs, so seams can be kept to a minimum.

PermaRoof UK make it even easier with our Firestone RubberCover roof kits, ideal for DIY as they remove the guesswork for the quantities required. We offer a range of flat roof kits, including both standard kits for sheds and garages and bespoke kits, uniquely tailored to your exact requirements.

We can also make quantifying projects fast and easy with our innovative, free Kit Builder App, popular with our trade roofing customers. Simple to use, the app produces a full EPDM kit list from a list of basic details specific to your project. After just four steps, where you input dimensions, extrusions, adjoining buildings and exposed edges, your personalised, comprehensive kit list is ready to save, print or send to us for a fast quote.

Your list will include EPDM membrane, adhesive, sealant, accessories, fixings and trim as appropriate.

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Installing EPDM

EPDM roofing is fast and straightforward to install. This has made it popular in the DIY sector, bringing flat roofing much closer in terms of installlation time. The ease of application also means that professional installers can reduce their labour time and ultimately, cost.

Few tools are required for installation:

  • Garden or household broom
  • Sharp scissors
  • Rollers for applying adhesive
  • Penny roller for EPDM detailing
  • Seam or edge roller

Our standard shed roof kits come with spray adhesive. Kits of any size can be tailored to include liquid or spray adhesives. Please talk to the team to tailor a unique roofing kit on 01773 441 947. Buy adhesive rollers and all your install essentials right here in your one-stop-flat-roof-shop.

Please browse our range of free installation guides to help you prepare existing flat roofing and install your new EPDM.



Frequently Asked Questions about Rubber Roofs

As a part of our commitment to our customers, we are happy to answer all your questions about membranes, accessories, installation, planning and more. Some questions get asked more than others, so we have answered some of your most frequent queries below.


EPDM roofing is a system which uses membrane manufactured from propylene, ethylene, and diene comonomer. It is acceptably known by its abbreviated term, but its’ full name is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer.

More of the country’s homeowners are using EPDM systems for DIY flat roof extensions, garages and shed roofs. This is because it is faster and easier to apply than many other roof materials and is typically fitted in a single piece, eliminating joins. It is also growing in popularity for green roof projects due to its waterproofing performance over an expected lifespan of more than 50 years and the high root penetration resistance of fleece backed versions.

PermaRoof UK stocks Elevate RubberCover and SealEco fleece backed EPDM membranes for trade and DIY.

We stock two grades of Elevate RubberCover EPDM - standard 1.14mm at £10.56 per square metre and premium grade thickness (1.52mm) for heavier duty installations at £16.90 m2. Our fleece backed EPDM membrane is available in a wide range of sizes with the cost average at £19.10 per metre2.

We also offer EPDM rolls in addition to our custom-cutting service. Prices can vary in every roofing project, dependant upon owner preference, performance requirements and more. When costing the project, there are other aspects that should be considered. These could include:

  • Insulation requirements
  • Thermal performance
  • Air tightness tests
  • Building standards
  • Structural integrity
  • Overall design
  • Intended use

The PermaRoof UK teams offer award-winning sales and customer support and can talk you through your requirements, regardless of size. Let us help you cost your project and meet your bottom lines.

Try our free and easy-to-use EPDM Kit Builder App to help you work out the cost with a comprehensive kit list.

EPDM rubber is ideal for sheds and offers a long-term approach compared to other shed roofing materials, such as traditional felt. It is growing in popularity for its longevity and ease of installation - often with no joins and using simple tools and methods.

Standard shed roof-sized kits are available online and are fast and easy to fit. Watch the video below:


EPDM is a single ply membrane with a synthetic composition and classed as a polymer. It often outperforms other single ply membranes due to both composition and the manufacturing process.

Fleeceback EPDM has a non-woven polyester fleece added to the underside of an EPDM membrane before the vulcanisation process takes place. The addition of fleece increases puncture resistance and stabilises the membrane, giving it exceptional weatherability.



The high puncture resistance of fleeceback membrane makes it ideal for both extensive and intensive green roofs. This is because it can withstand root penetration and can carry the weight of pavers for walkways or other planting and furniture.

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Find out more on the PermaRoof corporate site here.

PermaRoof UK stocks a wide range of EPDM roofing kits, including everything you need to complete your project. No waste, no fuss and no over- or underbuying.

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PermaRoof UK operates the National EPDM Roofing Training Centre from our headquarters in Derby. We offer manufacturer-approved, certified training in the application of ELEVATE RubberCover EPDM systems and accessories.

The one-day, intensive training courses include:

  • Introduction to the product
  • Installation demonstrations
  • Practical application of the products
  • Buffet lunch and refreshments

Upon successful completion of the training and assessment, participants receive:

  • Training certificate
  • EPDM samples and marketing resources
  • Flash drive containing course information

Business opportunities also come with successful certification:

Find out more about EPDM roofing training at PermaRoof UK here.


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