PermaRoof UK proudly Introduce the QuickScrubber Kit, the perfect solution when applying QuickPrime primer.

It consists of a scrub pad and holder that allows easy application of QuickPrime. The QuickScrubber pad is secured to the bottom of the holder. The bottom-bearing surface of the QuickScrubber holder is flat. When proper pressure is applied, the handle flattens out ensuring that proper pressure is maintained.

How to use:

Install a QuickScrubber pad on the bottom of the handle by pressing the pad onto the industrial grade Velcro surface with firm hand pressure. Use back and forth strokes with heavy pressure along the length of the splicing area, until the membrane surfaces become dark grey in colour, with no streaking or puddling. Bear down on the QuickScrubber pad during application to ensure the total surface is in contact with the priming surface.

Each pad will prime an area of about 30.5 m - 61.0 m (100.0’ - 200.0’) by 152.4 mm - 177.8 mm (6.0" - 7.0”).

Change pads routinely.  Do not attempt to turn pads over and re-use - discard after 30.5 m - 61.0 m (100.0’ - 200.0’) of priming.

Note: additional application instructions on the use of QuickPrime Plus and QuickScrubber can be found on the QuickPrime Plus Technical Information Sheet.

Click here to find Elevate's Quickprime plus.

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Quickscrubber Kit