Add a professional touch to your flat roof with the Black 90° Permaroof UK Internal Corner. This is an injection moulded corner piece available in Grey or White, used on a 90-degree Internal bend. It can be installed using Permaroof Bond & Seal or with Polypins; either way, it provides a very neat, professional touch.

Product code: PPINTCORNER

Finish off with the corner end caps. These are attached with a small amount of superglue. When joining lengths of Permaroof trim, cap the ends off by applying end caps, and offering into place. Note that trim end caps are slightly smaller than corner end caps. Attach the trim as already described, butting the two lengths together, with a bead of Permaroof Bond ‘n’ Seal, or foam tape, in between.

Use Permaroof Bond & Seal to secure the end cap.  Sold separately.

See our downloadable Knowledge Base for installation details.  

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