Liquid Roofing Kits: Seamlessly Reliable Waterproofing Over Almost Any Surface

Liquid Roofing Kits: Seamlessly Reliable Waterproofing Over Almost Any Surface

Liquid roofing kits from PermaRoof UK offer seamlessly reliable waterproofing over almost any substrate. Available in standard project sizes or custom-built to exact specifications, our P100 liquid PU coating is versatile and flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of projects.

Whether you’re searching for a reliable solution for an old concrete roof or are planning a complex design where membrane just won’t work this year, liquid PU could be the answer. We’ve developed our advanced commercial liquid waterproofing solution to suit the domestic market and now supply kits to trade and DIY. Let’s explore the possibilities.

What is liquid roofing?

Liquid roofing products have been little-known in the domestic waterproofing sector, being largely used for commercial and industrial roofs with multiple extrusions and complex design. This was because a solution was needed to increase the reliability and performance of flat roof waterproofing in situations where installing membrane proved too complex or logistically difficult. 

Our liquid roofing kits are based on a PU-based synthetic rubber solution. When applied to the substrate with a reinforcing bandage, it cures quickly to form a seamless, encapsulating membrane-type layer. This is hard-wearing and fast to apply, typically forming the seal in a single coating.

Covers almost any substrate

PermaRoof’s P100 liquid coating offers scope for a broad range of projects, being suitable for almost any substrate. This is particularly useful in domestic refurbishments of old garage roofing, which in the UK went through a period of wholly concrete construction. Concrete can be covered seamlessly with liquid PU, in addition to metal, asbestos and the more traditional timber roof decks, with ease.

Because of the versatility of liquid coatings and the performance aspect in a range of conditions, our system has been growing more popular for eco systems such as green roof projects, blue roofing water conservation and brown, biodiverse installations. These types of systems have considerable equipment installed over the waterproofing layer and so reliability must be a high priority. 

Other applications for liquid roofing kits

Our liquid coatings have proved reliable in basement tanking and buried roof installations, where moisture permeation is a high risk factor. With the addition of a suitable anti-slip medium, P100 liquid PU can be used to make safe garden steps or paths, create anti-skid car parking spaces or provide a safe, non-slip pool play area for children.
The anti-slip medium is simply hand-cast over the still-wet substrate following a coating of the P100, or it can be combined with the solution and rollered straight onto the surface. 

Buying P100 liquid roofing kits is easy. We stock standard 5m2 and 10m2 complete kits or can tailor a kit to your own specifications. Everything is included – liquid, bandage, tools and even a drill attachment for stirring. Check out our kits here and buy online or give us a call and let us help you plan your project.
Looking for a commercial solution? Find out more and get specialist advice at PermaRoof UK Commercial here.