How to Make Anti-Slip Surfaces

How to Make Anti-Slip Surfaces

Making an anti-slip surface is a straightforward process and depending on what type of system you choose, can also be fast and easy for DIY. Anti-slip products can be applied quickly and brings benefits in terms of making safe a range of surfaces around the home and garden:

  • Slippery garden steps
  • Stepping stones
  • Paths
  • Play areas
  • Pool areas
  • Balconies
  • Roof terraces
  • Car parking zones
  • And more.

One of the easiest ways to create anti-slip surfaces is by using a liquid PU coating. This delivers an even finish, cures quickly and is the perfect carrier for anti-slip mediums.

Why liquid rubber for anti-slip surfaces?

P500 liquid PU is commonly used for waterproofing in the roofing sector and is fast-gaining interest in DIY. With a synthetic rubber ingredient, the system remains flexible and durable over a long service life and is fast and easy to apply. Our liquid PU coating is designed to apply with ordinary rollers and contains a self-levelling agent to ensure an even coating and no overworking.

Liquid rubber systems are also suitable for a range of surfaces:

  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Tarmac
  • Metal

NB. Concrete surfacing must be fully cured before applying liquid coatings.

Adding anti-slip medium

An anti-slip medium, such as silica beads or resin chips, can be hand cast across the surface of still-wet liquid PU or added to the system prior to application. Whether cast or embedded, the anti-slip medium provides a reliable non-slip textured finish once cured in around 30 minutes.

Pre-mixed with the product – the main liquid PU is mixed with an accelerator, which activates the product. The anti-slip medium can be added at this point and stirred in well before applying the liquid to the prepared area you’re working on.

Surface scattering – the liquid PU is mixed with the accelerator and applied to the surface area in the usual way. The anti-slip medium is then cast or scattered by hand onto the surface of the still-wet liquid coating. This can then be finished with a light topcoat for additional protection.

Both methods can create effective anti-slip surfacing.

How Permaroof can help

PermaRoof UK introduced the P500 liquid waterproofing system originally for the trade and commercial roofing sector. Over the years it has grown in popularity due to the diversity and flexibility of the system for complex roofing projects.

Our systems are designed to be straightforward to apply and easy to handle, making them ideal for the DIY sector. We also provide a range of installation guides to help navigate the install process in easy, step-by-step format.

We stock everything you need to create effective anti-slip surfaces and make safe your home and garden. Whether you’re making anti-slip stepping stones or resurfacing your pool play area, talk to us and let us help you.

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