The Easiest Way to Replace Your Shed Roofing

The Easiest Way to Replace Your Shed Roofing

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Now the weather is cheering up across the UK, it’s time to start planning the outdoor improvements you’ve been thinking about all winter. The autumn and winter months take their toll on outside buildings exposed to the elements – the most common of these being shed roofing.

Shed roofing projects are not traditionally DIY jobs, due to the historic hazards and installation issues associated with old-fashioned roofing materials such as felt, for example. Although felt is a typically traditional roofing material, today’s modern alternatives not only give better performance and longevity, they are much easier to install.

Shed roofing with EPDM

EPDM membranes are fast-becoming the roofing industry’s go-to alternative to felt and other outdated roofing materials. The composition of EPDM as a synthetic rubber compound offers superior waterproofing qualities and resistance to the elements. With the ability to withstand temperature extremes, EPDM suffers none of the issues that felt does during hot, and then cold, weather. Felt materials often soften considerably during high temperatures, then when the temperature drops suddenly, felt becomes brittle and when bubbles form in the surface, they crack and allow water ingress.

The properties of Firestone EPDM membrane result in a unmatched expected lifespan over any other membrane of more than 50 years. This is one of the biggest advantages of EPDM – life expectancy. EPDM shed roofing is likely to outlast an ordinary garden shed, removing any need for further shed roof replacement.

EPDM membrane is ideal for shed roofing projects and is simple enough to install on a standard garden shed or garage for the average DIY enthusiast with skills. It is laid in a single sheet to negate the need for tackling potentially vulnerable joins.

Buy EPDM shed roofing kits

Permaroof introduced EPDM shed roofing kits with the DIY homeowner in mind. We stock a roof kit for every standard-sized shed and can create bespoke EPDM kits to suit any size you need up to 16m x 30m.

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Included in a Permaroof-in-a-Box shed roofing kit is enough membrane, adhesive, trim if required and accessories if needed for your bespoke project. To help you to work out what you need, the Permaroof EPDM Kit Builder App is the perfect tool. Accessible online for free, Permaroofkit helps to customise shed roofing kits to your exact requirements, whether you have flat roof extrusions like skylights and flue pipes or a pitched, typical shed roof.

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