Fast and Easy Shed Roof Waterproofing

Fast and Easy Shed Roof Waterproofing

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As Spring approaches, now is the time to get outside and check how the garden has fared over the winter months. While many of us will be checking delicate plants, how many of us will spare a thought for the garden shed roof?

Felt roofing materials simply cannot be relied upon for the long term and typically begin to deteriorate after a few years of weathering. Because of this, it is a good idea to add checking your felt shed roofing to your Spring to-do list while you’re oiling the garden tools.

Make sure the waterproofing on your shed roof is up to scratch

If you’ve got felt on your shed roof, look for the typical signs of wear or damage:

  • Bubbles
  • Thin patches
  • Tears or loose felt

These basic external visual inspections should take only a few minutes, as damage isn’t hard to spot. Check inside the shed to see if you have damp patches or visible signs of a leak. A good tip is to also run your hand down the timbers and battens inside, as water can track down behind them. Remember that leaks in the roof aren’t always dramatic and can sometimes be a slow seeping ingress over time.

It is important to attend to leaks fast to avoid affecting the timbers. Replacing or repairing shed roof waterproofing is better by far than replacing the shed and the goods stored inside. While a repair to a minor problem may suffice, if you’ve repeatedly repaired the same shed roof covering, it may be time to upgrade to a modern membrane that will last.

What is better than felt for shed roofs?

EPDM membrane is perfect for the modern shed roof. It is a highly reliable waterproofing membrane with a service life expectancy of over 50 years. EPDM does not degrade in fluctuating weather, behaving differently to felt in terms of its’ capabilities. UV stable, flexible and durable, EPDM shed roofing can last a lifetime.

EPDM can also be easily cut to accommodate most standard shed sizes in a single piece, which means that there are no joins which are typically vulnerable parts of the installation. This is a major contributing factor to the popularity of EPDM for DIY shed roof waterproofing.

Shed roof kits available at PermaRoof UK

PermaRoof UK developed and introduced shed roof waterproofing kits for the DIY market some years ago and their popularity has skyrocketed ever since. We stock a range of standard sized kits from 6 x 4ft to 10 x 8ft including everything you need – membrane, adhesive and sealant.

Our DIY waterproofing kits make light work of replacing the shed roof, many of our customers completing a successful installation in around half a day. Watch the installation video below to see for yourself, then browse our range of shed roof kits to find your size.

Each kit comes complete with full instructions and a lifetime guarantee. Imagine not having to think about waterproofing your shed roof again… now there’s a thought!


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