Different Types of Garage Roofs

Different Types of Garage Roofs

Garage roofs come in many shapes and sizes and are covered by a range of different materials. Today, many homeowners convert their garages into additional living spaces or garden offices and never use them for the original purpose. Across the UK there are over 10 million garages and just over half of them are used for storing the car.

Traditional garage roofing doesn’t always hit the mark in terms of waterproofing or insulation and more and more homeowners are looking at different types of garage roofs for their renovation projects.

Garage roof materials

Garage roof materials have changed over the years and some of the latest systems are making a DIY approach a possibility for many thousands of us. With a wide range of materials available for garage roofs on the market today, it makes sense to take your time and weigh up the pros and cons of each during the planning stages. As flat roofing specialists, we are here to help you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available.

Garage roofs are typically flat, although some may have a low pitch or sloping roof. Garage roofing felt, roof sheets, corrugated sheets and EPDM garage roofs are most common in the UK, in addition to:

  • Concrete
  • Clay
  • Slate
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fibre Cement

Garage roofing felt

Garage roofing felt was a popular choice for decades in the UK before the launch of more sustainable alternatives, such as rubber roof membrane for example. Felt is still widely available but is diminishing in popularity against its latest rivals which offer superior cost vs. value and the DIY installation benefits.

Garage roof sheets

Bitumen garage roof sheets have been a popular choice for trade roofers over the years and the best systems have lasted up to 20 years in some cases. It is widely advisable to have bitumen garage roof sheets installed professionally, as the complex installation process must be precise for them to prove effective.

Garage roof corrugated sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets are a fairly common sight on the UKs domestic garage roofs. Throughout the decades there have been several different types, including asbestos and metal and more recently, plastic-based products have proved popular. It is difficult to fully seal a corrugated sheet roof and quite often, they can become damaged easily.

EPDM garage roof

An EPDM garage roof is ideal for projects involving part or full renovation. Once furnishings and decorations go inside, along with electrical supplies and appliances, it becomes even more important to ensure a completely watertight seal. EPDM membranes are typically installed in a single sheet, negating the need for joins and simplifying the process of waterproofing significantly, in addition to delivering the reliability needed over the long term.

The ease of application of EPDM is another reason for its sharp increase in popularity this year. As the country’s residents have spent much more time at home with the imposed restrictions on travel, DIY has boomed. EPDM is applied using water-based adhesives, sealant and very few tools and has proved highly effective for a wide range of DIY roofing projects.

Firestone EPDM membranes have a typical life expectancy of more than 50 years, with high performance for the duration. This is due to the manufacturing process of this single-ply roofing membrane and the unique synthetic rubber compounds used. Because of this exceptional performance, ease of installation, compatibility with other elements of the garage roof design and many more benefits, EPDM garage roofing is set to continue to rise in popularity in both trade and DIY markets.

How EPDM garage roof kits make DIY easier

To make installation for the DIY market even easier, Permaroof UK developed EPDM garage roof kits and these have almost single-handedly revolutionised these types of projects.
A garage roof kit can be tailored to your exact specifications to include:

  • Sufficient membrane
  • Roofing adhesives
  • Roofing sealant
  • Edge and gutter trims
  • Drain outlets
  • EPDM accessories for:
    • Extrusions
    • Chimney flue pipes
    • Internal drains
    • And more.

At Permaroof you can even include skylights in your EPDM garage roof kits and reduce energy consumption by using natural lighting inside the garage. Whether you are a trade roofer or a talented DIYer, buying a complete kit for a garage roof project is a cost-effective solution that offers a no-waste, environmentally friendly approach, regardless of size.

Browse the Permaroof range of EPDM garage roof kits here.

Why choose Permaroof UK?

Permaroof UK can help with your garage roofs right from the start, during the planning stages and throughout your project. We offer a wide range of free, downloadable roofing installation guides in our resource library and have an extensive video library for you to browse.

We are also happy to tailor your garage roof kits to suit your individual needs, creating a completely bespoke kit list. At Permaroof we can also connect you with a reliable local roofer via our national EPDM installer network if you find that the DIY approach isn’t for you after all.

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