The Benefits of Fleeceback EPDM for Flat Roofing

The Benefits of Fleeceback EPDM for Flat Roofing

Fleeceback EPDM | SealEco RubberTopFleeceback EPDM is growing in popularity across the UK for both domestic and commercial flat roofing projects. To find out why, we’re taking a closer look at some of the biggest benefits of fleece backed EPDM and how such products are helping to improve sustainability across the roofing sector.

EPDM membranes have been popular all over the world for many years in the roofing industry. This is in part because of the unmatched durability and longevity EPDM has compared to other flat roof coverings.

Initially becoming common in the commercial and industrial roofing sectors, EPDM has since flourished for domestic roofing projects and is now fast-becoming the industry go-to single-ply roofing membrane.

What is fleeceback EPDM?

Fleece backed EPDM includes of a layer of polyester fleece, which is bonded onto the underside of the standard 1.14mm EPDM membrane. The overall thickness of fleeceback EPDM is then 2.3mm. The fleece backing is applied during the production process, but before vulcanisation to ensure the additional adhesion of the layers.

Why use a fleece membrane?

Installed EPDM Fleece Membrane | Flat Roofing ProductsThe cushioning layer of fleece beneath the waterproofing membrane provides greater strength than a standard membrane, which can make it ideal for projects such as green roofing or roof terraces where there may be foot traffic.

Insulating layers are advised in any green roof project atop the membrane and beneath the drainage layers. Fleeceback EPDM provides better puncture resistance with the additional fleece cushioning and is often the membrane of choice for green roof installers.

RubberTop fleece membrane is suitable for both adhered and mechanically-fixed installation methods with seam joins tackled using cold splicing techniques. This makes it a stable membrane over an expected lifespan of more than five decades.

SealEco RubberTop fleece backed EPDM at Permaroof

Permaroof UK now stocks fleeceback EPDM for flat roofing in a range of size options. SealEco RubberTop is available to buy online in:

We also stock a range of SealEco RubberTop installation essentials. The taped method of tackling the joins offers a stable, reliable installation if carried out correctly and with the right accessories. It is always advisable to follow the installation guidelines and to use the correct application products.

The Permaroof Team are on hand to help you with your order and can calculate the correct quantities for you based on your precise project details. Whether a homeowner or a trade roofer, talk to us on 01773 441 947 today.

Looking ahead to a sustainable future in the roofing industry

SealEco, the manufacturers of RubberTop fleece, has a goal to burden the environment as little as possible. This applies for the production, application and performance of the EPDM membrane.

EPDM is designed to be 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan and gives off no toxic substances or fumes over the serviceable duration. This also makes it the ideal material for use in rainwater and surface water management systems, irrigation and conservation.

Using the latest technologies and techniques developed over time and investment, the EPDM can be split at the point of recycling to make new membranes, creating a sustainability that has been searched for within the industry for many years.

Why fleeceback EPDM is best for green roofing

Fleeceback EPDM for Green RoofingAs previously mentioned, fleece backed EPDM membrane provides the perfect base waterproofing layer for any green roof project. This is because it can be ballasted during installation due to the cushioning the fleece backing provides. The increased puncture resistance makes it one of the most reliable option for carrying the drainage layers in the green roof.

The high performance and reliability of EPDM membrane can bring peace of mind to green roof planners. The waterproofing layer is arguably the most important of all. A failed waterproofing membrane will mean stripping back all the upper layers, including planting and drainage, to repair or replace the waterproofing underneath.

Therefore, green roof projects need a highly reliable solution at the very base to ensure complete waterproofing over the entire lifespan of the green roof or the building underneath it. Fleece backed EPDM offers double the protection with its high resistance to root penetration over time as the planting layers mature.

Find out more about green roofing at Permaroof and visit the Green Roof Division here.

Installing fleece backed EPDM – is DIY a good idea?

The installation process for RubberTop fleece EPDM is designed to be straightforward and fast. The panels are available in two widths, so in some cases, the project can be completed in a single sheet.

Where fleece backed EPDM needs to be joined, the method uses a reliable taping system with cold applied adhesives and bonding. This makes it a flame-free process and more attractive, as a result, to the DIY sector.

While it is possible to install fleece backed EPDM DIY-fashion, the manufacturer recommends a professional installation to enable consumers to fully realise the benefits of this remarkable waterproofing membrane and its unmatched potential lifespan.

Through professional installation, homeowners are much more likely to receive a long guarantee for their new EPDM roof. It is a good idea to select a flat roofing specialist to survey for your project and talk to them about your ideas for using fleece backed EPDM. If you need help finding a reliable local roofer, visit the Permaroof Installer Network to connect with a recommended, trained and vetted tradesperson in your area.

Common questions about fleece backed rubber roofing

Here we have addressed some of the most common queries we receive about fleeceback EPDM membrane and supplies. The Permaroof Team are on hand to answer all your flat roofing questions and help you to plan your projects from the very start. Talk to us on 01773 441 947.

What is the difference between standard and fleece backed EPDM?

Most standard EPDM membranes are single-ply - with one layer of EPDM – and available in 1.14mm and 1.52mm (premium grade).
RubberTop fleeceback EPDM membrane is comprised of two layers – 1.14mm EPDM waterproofing membrane laminated and bonded to a 1.4mm polyester fleece lining.

What is the fleece backing for?

The fleeceback part creates a thicker and therefore stronger overall EPDM membrane at 2.3mm. This gives fleece backed EPDM greater resistance to puncturing and potential impact damage. It also reduces the likelihood of shrinkage or stress over the entire installation.

Can you use rubber roofing fleece membrane over existing surfaces?

Yes. RubberTop fleeceback EPDM is specifically designed to work with a range of existing roofing substrates due to the cushioning and extra adhesive qualities of the fleece backing. Perfect for timber, metal and concrete roofing.

How long does it last?

EPDM membranes carry a life expectancy of more than 50-years once correctly installed. This is according to testing and real life exposure in a global range of climates. To date, more than one billion square metres of EPDM has been installed across the world and performance speaks for itself.

Is fleece backed EPDM suitable for DIY?

It is recommended that fleece backed EPDM is installed to the highest standard and according to the manufacturer guidelines. This is to fully realise the benefits of the performance and longevity of the product.

Preparation of the existing substrate or flat roof covering is also an important part of the installation process that must be carried out carefully and correctly. Contact the Permaroof Teams on 01773 441 947 if you need advice or help with your projects – large or small.

Can you use ordinary roofing adhesive for fleece EPDM?

To fully realise the performance and expected longevity of fleece EPDM, it is always advisable to use the correct adhesives and application methods recommended by the manufacturer.

Permaroof stocks a range of SealEco installation accessories to help complete your project.

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