How to Make an Anti-Slip Surface in Your Garden

How to Make an Anti-Slip Surface in Your Garden

Creating an anti-slip surface and making safe the more slippery areas of the home and garden is growing in popularity. With changing lifestyle habits and the rise in outdoor living, more of us are paying closer attention to our immediate surroundings and thinking of more ways to maximise our enjoyment of these spaces. 

Historically commonly found in schools, public playgrounds and retirement homes, anti-slip surfacing is today ideal for a wider range of DIY domestic projects:

  • Stone and concrete paths and steps
  • Pool play areas
  • Car parking zones
  • Balconies and roof terraces
  • And more.

Why choose a liquid PU solution?

Liquid PU can easily take an anti-slip medium, either mixed into the solution or hand-cast over a still-wet surface. PermaRoof’s P100 system is highly flexible and easy to apply, curing to form a durable surface with the anti-slip medium encapsulated.
Liquid membrane is applied cold and is effective over almost any substrate. This means that an anti-slip surface can be created over:

  • Fully cured concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Membrane
  • Insulating cover board
  • And more.

Fast and straightforward to apply in a single coat, using a series of rollers, the system offers the ideal approach for homeowners.

Adding the anti-slip medium to liquid PU

Silica beads, polyurethane seeds or resin chips can be used effectively to create the anti-slip surface and there are two main methods you can choose to employ to add them.


Once the solution is mixed, add suitable beads or other medium to the liquid PU and stir well. This will work with a lightweight additive, such a silica or polyurethane seeds. Follow the usual instructions for the application of the liquid system. Apply the mixed solution to the substrate and bandage with the recommended rollers and allow to cure.


Hand-casting can often give a more even finish in the faster time. Apply the system following the recommended application guidelines. Work in sections and hand cast the chosen medium over the surface of the still-wet solution in each section as you go. Roller over the surface with a light top coat to work in the anti slip medium. Allow to cure naturally.

Liquid PU kits from PermaRoof UK

We introduced the P100 liquid waterproofing kit, especially developed for homeowners from our successful commercial liquid roofing system (P500). With the addition of anti-slip beads (not included in the roofing kit), P100 delivers a long lasting, high performance solution to anti slip surface creation in homes and gardens across the UK.

Our liquid waterproofing kits are available to buy online in two standard project-sized kits – 5m2 and 10m2 – the anti-slip medium is available to purchase separately, or we can tailor a complete kit to suit your needs.

We’re here to help our customers with all their projects – large and small, offering free expert advice, product guidance and installation support. Talk to us and let us help you make an anti-slip surface in your garden.

This is an updated version of a popular blog post from May 2021 before the launch of P100. Read the original post here.