How to Create Anti-slip Surfaces with Liquid Rubber

How to Create Anti-slip Surfaces with Liquid Rubber

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The creation of anti-slip surfaces in homes and businesses can be a huge benefit, in terms of making safe slippery garden steps, balconies or pathways or for car parking bays and other areas. This can be particularly good in homes for the elderly or for nurseries and schools, but there are many uses around the home for anti-slip surfacing, and the latest systems are ideal for DIY application.

Why choose liquid rubber for anti-slip surfaces?

Liquid rubber is ideal for anti-slip surfaces with the addition of an anti-slip medium, such as silica beads. Permaroof500 polyurethane liquid system is super-flexible, easy to apply to many different types of surfacing, but is perfect for application to:

  • Concrete (unsuitable for green concrete under three weeks cured)
  • Tarmac
  • Wood decking
  • Metal

The nature of synthetic liquid rubber means that it can be applied in a single coat across a significant surface using just a foam roller and detail brushes, making it suitable for DIY application. Once mixed with an accelerator, liquid rubber cures within 30 minutes on most surfaces, making it effective very quickly.

How can the anti-slip medium be added?

Silica beads are the ideal anti-slip medium, although other types can be used to effectively create a non-slip surface, such as resin chips or polyurethane seeds.

There are two ways that the anti-slip mediums can be added to the Permaroof500 liquid rubber mixture:

Pre-mixed – once the accelerator is mixed, add the beads and stir well, before applying the liquid rubber to the surface.

Surface scattering – the anti-slip medium is scattered onto the surface of the still-wet liquid liquid application and rolled over with a light top coat.

Both methods can create effective anti-slip surfacing.

How Permaroof can help

Permaroof UK Ltd has introduced the Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing system for trade roofers and DIY homeowners looking for different, modern ways to tackle flat roofing projects and other important jobs for homes and businesses.

With the addition of Permaroof silica anti-slip beads, Permaroof500 liquid rubber delivers a long-lasting, high-performance solution to the creation of anti-slip surfacing.

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