PermaGroup Surviving the Storm Despite Materials Shortage

PermaGroup Surviving the Storm Despite Materials Shortage

PermaGroup has continued to thrive, providing permanent solutions to age old problems despite ongoing industry materials shortages across all sectors. With a unique approach to ensuring all its customers are supplied and supported, the leading specialist building products supplier is proud to be surviving the storm.

Adrian Buttress, our dynamic MD, said, “I’m proud of the way we have responded as a company to the stock shortages, which have been an issue since early 2020. We’ve taken decisive action to support our customers and stayed flexible to allow us to respond quickly to the changing circumstances.”

PermaGroup applied a three-pronged approach to the crisis from the very start. It has met its KPI’s (and exceeded some) through bulk-purchasing, rewarding customer loyalty and implementing CPD seminars to support training and giving contractors the chance to upskill employees.

With ambitious expansion plans in the making and additional staffing, new investments and expertise on board during the first quarter, PermaGroup’s strategy is paying off and is already safeguarding the business’ future.

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