Book EPDM Flat Roof Training: Aim high for your business with PermaRoof

Book EPDM Flat Roof Training: Aim high for your business with PermaRoof

PermaRoof UK EPDM flat roof training courses can open new doors for roofing businesses of all sizes. Add EPDM to your services portfolio or upskill your workforce and help us bridge the gap in the current industry skills shortage.

Our training programs are supporting trade roofers to join one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry in single-ply membranes. Through PermaRoof’s Firestone-approved training, you could gain access to a wider range of business benefits and provide an enhanced service for your clients.

About our EPDM flat roof training courses

Participants arrive first thing at our purpose-built flat roof training centre, located within our headquarters, near the motorways network in Alfreton, Derby. 

We start the day with coffee (of course), giving us all a chance to meet each other and settle into the space. Then we launch into a presentation, introducing you to Firestone RubberCover and giving you an outline of what you’ll learn during the day. 
Once we move into the training centre, the fun really starts. With only a break for lunch (provided), you’ll enjoy an intensive day of practical installation training from experienced, professional trainers, approved and accredited by Firestone. 

Our trainers will show you how to handle and install RubberCover EPDM membranes from start to finish. You’ll learn how to tackle the detailing, edges and how to fit innovative accessories that make the system completely watertight around drainage outlets, extrusions, skylights and more, completing the installation with edge and gutter trims. 

Visit our corporate website to find out more here (opens in new window).

Training makes a difference

Our training teams are already experienced flat roof installation experts, full of practical knowledge and happy to share their professional tips with you during the course. There is nothing that can replace experience and top class training really does make a difference. 

With accreditation and certification, many of our attendees have gone on to add EPDM installation services to their already successful businesses. It doesn’t stop there… we offer a wider range of business opportunities following completion of our training courses and we’ll be happy to talk to you about them!

Commercial roofing opportunities

There are also certain sectors of the commercial construction industry that today require proof of training requirements during the specification stages. Enquire about the PermaRoof Registered Installer (PRI) scheme, which provides commercial roofers with full support and the tools they need to meet industry standards.

Through PRI registration and training, we can offer exclusive access to products, the ability to provide long-term guarantees to your clients and much more.

Visit PermaRoof Commercial to find out more about PRI here (opens in new window).

Is training available for DIY roofing projects?

Over the years, our EPDM installation training has also appealed to the DIY market, particularly for larger projects, such as full extension roof replacements. Training courses are ideal for a wide range:

  • DIY shed roofing
  • Replacing garage roofing
  • Home extensions
  • Green roofing

We welcome all participants to our training courses and all attendees attain accreditation upon successful completion.

If you’ve considered expanding your roofing business into EPDM, there is no better way to do it than with PermaRoof UK. With Firestone-approved training at just £99.00 plus VAT, support with expansion and compliance with industry standards, can you afford to miss out? Join PermaRoof today, book your EPDM flat roof training course and don’t look back. Call us today to book your place.

A final note about booking your places

We have kept our courses small since we started again following the UKs lockdown restrictions and run classes of six at a time. Book early to join our waiting list for these popular training courses.