Rob the Roofer: Can Certain Materials Damage EPDM Membrane?

Rob the Roofer: Can Certain Materials Damage EPDM Membrane?

Rob the Roofer, our resident EPDM expert, is back to answer another of your top questions in our video series. This month, Rob is dealing with an important EPDM product query.

Rob the Roofer in a central figure in the PermaRoof UK training team at our Derby-based headquarters. Our EPDM training courses are popular across the trade roofing sector, and we train roofers from all over the UK in the installation of RubberCover EPDM roofing systems and liquid waterproofing

Every month we’re asking Rob the Roofer some of the most asked questions about our EPDM products and services. He’ll also be asked about common installation challenges and benefits. If you have a question, send us an email, use the live chat or give the team a call.

Question number six put to Rob the Roofer is ‘Can certain materials damage EPDM membranes?’

Let’s ask Rob the Roofer… head on over to the video page now to find out…

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  • Garages
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