How to DIY an Emergency Roof Repair

How to DIY an Emergency Roof Repair

At the best of times, a leaking flat roof can cause homeowners a headache. During these times, calling out an emergency roofer requires even more preparation and organisation to keep you both protected. Sometimes a leaking roof can be addressed by a skilled and confident DIYer with the right safety precautions and equipment.

Leaving a leaking flat roof can lead to all sorts of damage. Once a membrane or other roof covering tears or cracks, whether by accident or simply through age, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. If water begins seeping through the cracks or holes, it won’t be long before wooden decks, timbers and joists become wet and begin to deteriorate.

A fast, reliable fix for flat roofing

One of the most effective means of repairing split or cracked roofing is liquid PU, more commonly known as liquid rubber. Liquid rubber goes on easily and cures fast, providing a reliable seal across a wide range of surfaces.

PermaRoof has introduced its latest solution to DIY roof repair based on its innovative P500 liquid roofing product. Emergency Roof Repair comes in a pre-mixed solution, ready to stir and apply straight from the tin using a brush.

Developed for use on a range of flat roofing materials, Emergency Roof Repair is a comprehensive solution for both trade and DIY roofing projects.

How to apply PermaRoof Emergency Roof Repair

Make sure the surface is free from dirt and debris and remove any grease stains or oil spots.

Use a soft bristled brush and dig out the crack or hole if dirt is inside.

Using a drill attachment, stir the Emergency Roof Repair product thoroughly for five minutes.

Using a brush, apply the product generously around the damage and work it into the cracks.Try not to create air pockets as you do this.

Make sure the coverage is even and completely seals the damaged area. Download the full application guide for Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair here.

Watch the video guide here for full application instructions or watch on YouTube here.

The P500 Emergency Roof Repair product cures fast and immediately protects your repair from further water ingress. This will give you chance to assess whether you’ve incurred any other damage during the leak. You can expect a long-lasting, reliable seal from Emergency Roof Repair, but your issue that led to the leaking roof in the first place could mean you’d be better tackling a complete replacement of the existing roof covering.