Rob the Roofer: Can Certain Materials Damage EPDM Membrane?

Here at PermaRoof UK, our customer support teams are often asked for advice about EPDM products. ‘Can certain materials damage EPDM?’ is an interesting question on the subject. We asked Rob the Roofer, our resident EPDM expert. Watch the video to find out more…

Video transcript

Rob, can certain materials damage EPDM membrane?

No. There are no materials that can damage the RubberCover membrane. It will not get affected by any other materials.

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Other reasons EPDM may become damaged

RubberCover and other high quality EPDM membranes are hard wearing, developed to withstand weathering and remain UV stable. This contributes to the exceptional service life and makes them hard to damage.
There are no specific materials that can adversely affect EPDM, and the damage that does occur is often accidental. This can be from debris, such as an overhanging tree branch or other wind carried item that may land on the surface during a storm.

During installation, it is advised that you wear suitable footwear when handling the membrane. This can help to minimise the risk of puncturing the EPDM with footwear or foot-carried sharp debris.

How to repair EPDM

Should EPDM become damaged, it is often easy to repair, particularly if the damage is small, such as a puncture or tear. Patch repairs can be straightforward to carry out using an EPDM patch and the right primer, adhesive and sealant. 

EPDM can also be repaired with liquid PU in an emergency. This can be long term, or depending on the nature of the repair, a liquid solution can also provide a temporary fix while waiting for a professional repair.

The benefits of using EPDM rubber roofing

EPDM rubber roofing offers a wide range of benefits for all your domestic projects. Whether you’re recovering a shed roof with a kit, or planning a large-scale green roof, EPDM gives you long-term reliability.

  • 50-year service life expectancy
  • Low maintenance roofing
  • Hard to damage, straightforward to repair or replace
  • Easy to install, ideal for DIY
  • Available in a complete kit – standard sizes or bespoke
  • Custom cut up to 15m x 60m – typically covers in a single sheet
  • 100% waterproofing
  • Durable and flexible
  • UV and Ozone stable
  • High weatherability

ElevateTM RubberCover

RubberCover EPDM is available in two grades at PermaRoof Store – 1.14mm standard and 1.52mm premium grade, ideal for a wide range of domestic roof projects. We can custom-cut this membrane up to 15m x 60m, reducing the need for field seams or joins.
Lightweight and easy to install using water-based adhesives, RubberCover EPDM is popular for DIY. We include RubberCover EPDM in our flat roof kits, an excellent option to avoid over- or under-buying, complete with adhesive, sealant and trim.


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