The Easiest Way to Replace a Shed Roof

The Easiest Way to Replace a Shed Roof

As winter approaches, it is a good time to replace shed roofing, an often routine task for many homeowners across the UK. The autumn and winter months bring unpredictable weather, and this can take its toll on sheds, garages and other outside buildings. If there are existing issues with the shed roof, now is the time to sort them out and get it ready for weathering.

While replacing shed roofing is a good, traditional DIY project, today there are options available that can provide a longer-term approach. EPDM, for instance, is the perfect membrane to replace felt, offering the chance for DIYers to tick this recurring job off the maintenance list for good.

Why choose EPDM over felt for a shed roof?

Felt is the traditional go-to material for homeowners thinking of a new shed roof. However, felt does not handle weathering well, softening during periods of hot weather during the summer months. This leads to the formation of bubbles in the material across the surface, which then solidify and become vulnerable parts of the covering, often cracking and letting in water. Any homeowner with a felt shed roof will be familiar with this occurrence.

EPDM, in complete contrast, is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. The composition of EPDM keeps it stable, durable and flexible and highly resistant to UV and ozone. It also gives EPDM an exceptional service life expectancy of over 50 years, which is unmatched by any other covering or membrane. 

This means that EPDM is likely to outlast any ordinary timber garden shed, reducing the need to replace the covering in the future. Not only does this make EPDM a more cost-efficient solution over the long term, but also kinder to the environment by reducing waste felt that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

Fast and easy shed roofing with EPDM

EPDM is a fast and easy way to tackle shed roof replacement, adding another benefit to this system over others. Requiring few tools and using cold applied adhesive, this membrane is laid in a single sheet, negating joins and simplifying installation significantly, making it the perfect choice for DIY.

At PermaRoof, we make the buying process fast and easy too. We stock a range of shed roofing kits in standard shed sizes. These include sufficient membrane, adhesive and sealant to complete the job, simplifying quantifying materials. Simply select the size you need, and we’ll do the rest.

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How to replace shed roofing with an EPDM kit

The straightforward approach to the installation of EPDM makes it super-easy to replace shed roofing. Here’s how it’s done:

Step one - prepare the surface of the roof by removing all the old covering and making repairs to the timber if necessary. Make sure the weather is dry with temperatures over 5 degrees if possible. Do not begin the install if rain is expected. Retain the shed batten timbers if they are in good condition or purchase new ones if they need to be replaced – these are needed at the end to complete the installation. 

Step two – unpack the shed roof kit and lay the membrane over the prepared shed roof to rest for 30 minutes. This allows any packing creases to dissipate. There will be additional membrane overhanging the edges – leave this so that is overhangs evenly for trimming later. 

Step three – fold the membrane back on itself and expose half of the shed roof. Apply the spray adhesive to both the timber and the folded membrane. Allow to dry until it is tacky.

Step four – roll the tacky side of the membrane back over the tacky roofing carefully. Try not to trap air and smooth down with a soft broom.

Step five – repeat this process on the other half of the shed roof.

Step six – apply the sealant around the edges.

Step seven – trim the excess membrane to approximately 50mm all round.

Step eight – re-attach the shed battens you saved during the preparation process or fix new, folding the membrane underneath to complete the seal.

For full installation instructions, please download the free EPDM shed roof kit installation guide or watch the step-by-step video guide below:

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