Refurbish, Don’t Replace Your Gutters This Year

Refurbish, Don’t Replace Your Gutters This Year

Do you need to replace your gutters? It’s getting to that time of year when we’re starting to prioritise our maintenance jobs and gutters are often high on the list following the winter months. 

Gutter replacement is typically a big job for most homeowners, involving many steps and a lot of waste materials. This can add up, hitting both the pocket and the environment.

Today, there’s a different approach as people become more interested in refurbishing and DIY as a whole across the UK. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to refurbish old gutters.

EPDM SA Membrane

EPDM membrane isn’t the first material you’d consider adding to your gutter system. It is, however, one of the most effective types of waterproofing with an exceptional service life expectancy on the market. 

You can’t simply install EPDM in the gutters, though. Applying EPDM in a metal gutter system would be too complex a process. This is why Firestone Elevate introduced an innovative, non-reinforced, self-adhering EPDM at just 1.2mm especially for use in metal gutter systems. 

RubberGutter EPDM SA is fast and easy to install, suitable for DIY with simplified installation offered by the secure bond backing and no need for adhesive. Find out more about the RubberGutter system here or download the brochure and installation guide here.

Liquid PU Coatings

Liquid PU coatings are ideal for breathing new life into old box gutters. Perfect for concrete, metal and a range of other substrates, this type of product covers typically in a single coat where other materials simply cannot reach.

Once cured, liquid PU leaves a membrane type finish and 100% waterproofing. It can be used to seal cracks and protect surfaces from further weathering for the long term. 

Find out more about liquid PU coatings here or download a brochure and install guide here.

Why refurbish old gutters?

Refurbishing old gutters in favour of replacement can dramatically reduce both the work involved and the waste going to landfill. When gutters are replaced, a major part of the project is the removal and disposal of the old guttering. This can amount to days of work and inflate the cost of the overall labour expenses. 

Refurbishment can completely eliminate this part of the project, even if other elements of the system need to be replaced or require further repair here and there. The benefits to the environment are clear, with the reduction of landfill waste. This alone is driving many homeowners to choose refurbishment over replacement. 

Another benefit to refurbishment is the cost-efficiency. The cost of replacing gutters includes the labour cost of removal and disposal of the old gutter system, buying and installing a new one. Refurbishment significantly reduces the labour time, and the cost of the systems lower than complete replacement. This is especially the case with concrete box gutters, which require careful consideration before removal or replacement.

As we approach the warmer months, it is the perfect time to plan your projects and we’re here to help. We offer expert advice and resources to guide you through your options for both system and installation. We can even connect you with a reliable, trained local installer if DIY isn’t for you. Talk to the team today.

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