Permaroof500 Liquid Waterproofing Application Guides

Permaroof500 Liquid Waterproofing Application Guides

This year is flying by at Permaroof! We are so busy here with the expansion of our fantastic resources department and are excited to announce the arrival of our latest batch of installation guides for the Permaroof500 liquid flat roofing system.

Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM waterproofing is the latest product in our online store. It has been developed to give a hard-wearing, professional finish to all flat roof projects. We have also introduced our Emergency Flat Roof Repair product in liquid form, which is making light work of flat roof repairs all over the UK.

What are other uses for liquid EPDM?

Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing is ideal for flat roofing, particularly if there are awkward, tight corners that membrane simply can’t reach. Applied with simple tools and an easy-mixing system, the liquid EPDM is also suitable for experienced DIYers roofing or making repairs on their homes.

Liquid EPDM is also the perfect medium for the creation of anti-slip surfaces with the addition of Permaplastic beads or silica sand. This can be ideal also in a commercial environment, such as a nursery, school or home for the elderly, making safe pathways or open spaces. Staying on the theme of anti-slip, Permaroof500 can also be useful for car parking areas, where it is essential to ensure there is enough surface grip.

Garden steps and balcony areas can also benefit from liquid waterproofing, and gutters and drains can be effectively sealed to stay watertight.

There are many uses for liquid waterproofing and we have mentioned just some of the benefits of the Permaroof500 system. As a self-levelling compound, the liquid EPDM does not require overworking, and has a great pot life. With the addition of another of our innovations, Permathix, Permaroof500 can also be used on pitched roofing. Permathix removes the self-levelling element, enabling it to be applied easily to pitched or sloping areas.

In our resource library, we have now added a range of application guides in addition to the full installation instructions. Now you can download a PDF version of every stage of the Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing process – for free!

View our resource library to download your free copies now.