What to Do if Your Flat Roof is Leaking

What to Do if Your Flat Roof is Leaking

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A leaking flat roof is a big problem for homeowners at any level. Whether it is the shed roof, the garage roof or worst of all, the flat roof extension, a leaking roof needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, before damage sets in.

Once water has saturated roof decking or supports, a flat roof can lose its integrity quickly and this is never a good situation. It can lead to damage to interior decorations and ultimately risk damage to any goods stored inside the building. With garden offices and converted garages into workshop spaces on the rise across the UK, the risk of damage to goods can run into large figures very quickly.

DIY roof repair or professional?

Using an EPDM roofing kit can be a great way to tackle a DIY roof repair if you’re a confident DIYer with skills. Permaroof introduced the flat roof kit with DIY in mind, as they include everything needed to get the job done right first time. Fast and easy to apply, EPDM membranes also tick vital boxes in terms of longevity and reliability in all types of weather conditions and can provide 100% waterproofing once installed correctly.

If DIY is not your thing, or you’re not confident working at height, Permaroof can happily recommend a reliable, trustworthy EPDM roofing installer via our nationwide approved installer network. Simply enter your postcode into the search box and our free service will do the rest, connecting you with a recommended, trained flat roof specialist.

Why choose EPDM roofing for your flat roof?

EPDM roofing membrane is the perfect, modern alternative to traditional, outdated roofing systems such as felt or tar paper roofing. With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, proven over commercial and domestic installations all over the world, EPDM roofing is a clear, sustainable choice to ensure a long-lasting, reliable flat roof covering.

EPDM roofing systems are typically installed in a single sheet, eliminating historic leaking issues across membrane joins. These vulnerable points on a roof have proved challenging for DIY and trade roofers in the past and EPDM solves this beautifully with the single sheet application technique. Ideal for shed and DIY garage roofing, EPDM flat roof kits come with the single sheet membrane, adhesive and trims if required.

Water-based adhesives are used for EPDM roofing, making them a safer option in addition to speeding up the application process when compared to traditional hot bitumen applied systems.

When a flat roof leaks, think about turning to EPDM roofing this time and create a watertight approach for the long term.

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