Special Spring Offers on All Your Flat Roof Supplies

Special Spring Offers on All Your Flat Roof Supplies

Spring has sprung, and now is the time for tackling those outside jobs we’ve been itching to get done. To celebrate the start of the better weather, we’ve launched our special spring offer discount code, giving an instant checkout reduction of 5% off all your orders online.

To get an immediate 5% off your order enter the discount code PERMA5 at the checkout.

Permaroof flat roof supplies – what’s in store?

Permaroof brings both high-quality roofing products and affordability to trade and DIY flat roofing.

As one of the largest licenced distributors of Firestone EPDM flat roofing membrane and supplies, we have an industry-leading reputation for genuine EPDM products at great prices, in addition to award-winning levels of sales, customer service and support.

Permaroof flat roof kits for shed and garage roofing have consistently proven to be the perfect solution to flat roof replacement for professional roofers and for homeowners using a DIY approach. Kits are available in standard sizes for most shed roofing, and there is a bespoke kit building service for larger, more complex designs. Permaroof-in-a-Box flat roof kits contain membrane and adhesive in the right quantities for the job and can be tailored to include trim and other EPDM accessories needed for the project.

Tailor your flat roof kit now.

Think about liquid EPDM

Liquid EPDM is gaining ground in the DIY sector, as homeowners discover the solution to slippery garden steps and pathways. With the addition of a non-slip medium, Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing system creates an effective anti-skid surface, also suitable for domestic and commercial car parking areas.

Find out more about Permaroof500 liquid EPDM.

With 5% off everything you buy online at Permaroof store, can you really afford to miss out? Whether you’re planning a new shed roof this summer, lining and ornamental pond or completing a stunning garden office or green roof project, make the most of a great discount from the UK’s leading EPDM supplier.