Liquid Roofing Kits Now Available

Liquid Roofing Kits Now Available

PermaRoof UK is delighted to announce the launch of our P100 liquid roofing kits, now available to buy online. Flexible, fast curing and straightforward to apply, our innovative liquid PU solution is ideal for DIY and trade domestic roofing projects.

Versatile liquid membrane rising in popularity for residential roofing

Liquid roofing has been popular within the commercial roofing sector for some time, to handle complex flat roofing systems where rubber membranes are difficult or impossible to install. Now developed with residential roofing in mind, we’re bringing versatility to the UK’s homeowners too.
Already rising in popularity across the domestic sector, our liquid roofing kits have been launched to suit a wider range of projects and to simplify quantifying and ordering for homeowners.

Why choose liquid roofing?

Liquid roofing, sometimes called liquid rubber roofing, is a high performance, PU-based solution that contains a self-levelling compound to avoid overworking. Applied to a prepared and primed surface, it cures to form a flexible, membrane-like finish that encapsulates the roof substrate seamlessly. 

PermaRoof’s P100 liquid roofing is applied in a single coat with a roller and incorporates matting to strengthen and form the final ‘membrane’. This enables the installer to reach the parts of complex roofing systems where membrane cannot reach, such as in systems with multiple extrusions or of complicated design.
Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Suitable for almost any substrate
  • Reaches where membrane is difficult or impossible to install
  • Easily create anti-slip surfaces
  • Cold-applied with a roller
  • Flexible and durable
  • Long term waterproofing
  • Ideal for eco-roofing base layers – green, blue and brown roofs
  • Resistant to rain within 30 minutes

Because liquid roofing kits can be installed over almost any prepared substrate, they can simplify difficult projects like never before, sealing and protecting concrete or metal roofing systems in a single, even coating.

The applications of liquid roofing kits

The development of liquid roofing kits delivers greater flexibility, durability and performance to a wider range of projects for residential properties. Straightforward to apply, P100 is ideal for application by a skilled and confident DIYer, or can reduce professional installation time:

  • Flat roofing
  • Buried and inverted roofs
  • Roof terraces and balconies
  • Garage roofing
  • Green and other types of eco-roofing
  • Complex roofing with multiple extrusions
  • Creating anti-slip surfacing

Anti-slip Surfacing

The innovative P100 liquid roofing system is perfectly suited to a wider range of uses in addition to roofing, such as the creation of anti slip surfacing. The simple addition of a suitable anti-slip medium to liquid PU can make safe garden steps or create a safe pool play zone, for instance.
Other applications include: 

  • Basement tanking
  • Car parking zones
  • Balconies and terrace
  • Gutter and drain humidity protection
  • Sealing chimneys, upstands, balcony penetrations
  • Hairline crack sealing and other repairs

Getting your projects right, first time

At PermaRoof UK, we make access to some of the latest innovative systems fast and easy. Whether you’re installing a liquid roof yourself or engaging a reliable professional, we’re here to offer expert advice and support every step of the way. 

Our P100 liquid roofing kits contain everything you need to install your system:

  • Liquid membrane (6kg or 25kg tins)
  • Primer
  • Sufficient matting
  • Rollers and frames
  • Mixing paddle
  • Latex gloves

Buy 5m2 and 10m2 liquid roofing kits today securely in our online store or contact the team to discuss your requirements. 

Finding a professional installer for your liquid roofing kit

If DIY isn’t for you, we’re here to help connect you with a trusted, experienced professional – simply get in touch with the team and we’ll find a local trader from our nationwide installer network for you.
Although straightforward to apply, there is a process which must be followed when installing your liquid roofing kit. Installing to the highest standards will help you to get the most from your high performance system and give you the best chance of realising all the benefits. 

FAQs about liquid roofing kits

What tools do you need to install a liquid roof?

  • An Electric drill with mixer attachment will make mixing faster and easier (mixer paddle included)
  • Rollers - it is recommended that you use a high quality 9” roller for main area application (2 x rollers and frames included). You may wish to purchase an additional, smaller 4” roller for detailing (sold separately)
  • Sharp scissors - to cut and trim bandage

It is also recommended that you protect fascia and soffits, gutters and any other visible trim from potential drips or runs. Cover these with masking paper to simplify cleaning following application of the roofing system.

Is liquid roofing suitable for DIY?

It is straightforward to apply P100 using a good quality paint roller and is suitable for a skilled and confident DIYer. The system involves the installation of a light matting or bandage, which strengthens the integrity of the project. A full installation guide can be found on our corporate website here.

Can you use P100 on a pitched roof?

Yes. The self-levelling element of P100 can be effectively countered with the addition of an innovative product (sold separately). Take a look at the installation guide to find out more about the application of P100 on pitched roofing or talk to the team about your project.

Can it be applied straight from the tin?

P100 requires thorough mixing before application to a well-prepared substrate. Preparation is key to the success of any project, and this is an important step to maximise the integrity of the installation. Please refer to the detailed preparation guidelines in the installation guide.

How does P100 make an anti-slip surface?

It is a straightforward process to create anti slip surfacing using the P100 system. A suitable anti slip medium is added, either during the mixing stages or hand-cast over the uncured surface. This is ideal for making safe garden steps and paths or creating nonslip car parking.