Install a GutterBrush and Avoid Clogged Gutters this Autumn

Install a GutterBrush and Avoid Clogged Gutters this Autumn

Autumn is nearly upon us and now is the time to prepare your gutters for the inevitable onslaught of falling leaves. Clogged gutters are high on the list of common causes of roof leaks, as they no longer carry rainwater away efficiently and tend to overflow.

When this happens, the risk of water getting into the home increases significantly. This is why clearing the gutters has been a traditional annual ritual for decades. This year, why not join thousands of homeowners all over the UK and install a GutterBrush? This simple, easy-to-install device is the perfect way to avoid clogged gutters and forget about the annual trip up to the roof to clear them out.

What is a GutterBrush and how does it prevent clogged gutters?

Similar to a bottle brush in design, the GutterBrush has a simple, yet innovative concept. It sits snugly inside most standard gutter profiles and prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter trough; they simply get caught in the sturdy polypropylene bristles or blow away over the top.
Rainwater passes easily through the bristles and continues its journey through the rainwater management system unimpeded by debris.

An easy-to-install approach for DIY

The GutterBrush system is fast and easy to install, perfect for DIYers that routinely clear their gutters. If you’re not confident to install the system yourself, it will be a quick and easy job for a professional roofer or local handyman. 

The process of installation is straightforward, and we’d recommend that you make sure the gutters are cleared in advance for the best results. Each length measures four linear metres and is available in 100mm or 150mm profiles. 

They are joined at each end by twisted wires, which are also used to secure the GutterBrush to the ends of the gutters. Run the lengths over the top of downpipes and other outlets, as you’ll want to prevent those exits from clogging too.

A long-lasting solution to clogged gutters

The installation of a GutterBrush system also delivers a long term answer to the worry of clogged gutters. Manufactured from polypropylene brush filaments spun around a stainless-steel wire spine, the brush is virtually indestructible and comes with a 10-year product guarantee, giving peace of mind. Install it and forget about it – for years to come.

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