DIY Roofing Kits for All Your Projects This Summer

DIY Roofing Kits for All Your Projects This Summer

We have DIY roofing kits to suit every project, from re-roofing the shed to installing an eco-green roof on an extension. Including everything you need in the right quantities, we can take the pain out of quantifying and give you a high quality system - guaranteed.

We've highlighted some of the most common DIY roofing projects that our customers are tackling. With complete kits and free install guides, let PermaRoof UK help you make light work of your summer projects – large and small.

Shed roof replacement

Replacing a shed roof has never been easier to do yourself. To make quantifying straightforward, we stock a range of standard shed-sized kits that include everything you need:

  • Elevate (formerly Firestone) RubberCover EPDM membrane (cut to size in a single sheet and includes overhang)
  • Spray adhesive (provided in 500ml aerosol tins)
  • Bond n Seal sealant
  • Full installation instructions
  • Lifetime membrane warranty

Installing RubberCover EPDM on a domestic shed roof can be a game-changer for your household maintenance programme. An often-recurring traditional job can be permanently ticked off with this high performance membrane that has a 50-year service life expectancy and comes with a lifetime warranty in our shed roof kits.
EPDM shed kits available from 6' X 4' (2m x 1.7m) up to 10' X 8' (3.4m x 3m) – browse here.

DIY Roof Kits for Garages

DIY garage roofing

Many domestic garages are today being used less for vehicle and tool storage and more for additional living space. This often means installing insulation and upgrading existing waterproofing to accommodate internal renovations. 

Our garage roof kits include everything you get in a shed roof kit and more, with the addition of our edge trim system. This helps to complete the seal around the gutter and kerb edges, adding protection and increasing aesthetic value too.

RubberCover EPDM is ideal for DIY garage waterproofing. It can be custom-cut in a single sheet for fast and easy installation over a timber roof deck with spray or liquid adhesive. For other types of roof substrate, EPDM requires priming and a bonding adhesive.

Browse our standard garage roof kits here or build your own.

Flat roof extensions

In the same way that garage roofs benefit from EPDM, extension roofing can be sealed and protected for the long-term. We introduced our DIY roofing kits to make installation fast and straightforward for homeowners with skills and DIY experience – and to take the pain out of quantifying the materials. All you need to do is enter your project dimensions and we’ll do the rest – ensuring all the materials are included.
Skylights can add a touch of glamour to flat roof extensions, also delivering energy saving benefits with the use of natural lighting and heating in the living space beneath. The Brett Martin Mardome skylights range at PermaRoof includes a wide selection of customisable options and are straightforward to install with both EPDM and liquid roofing systems.

Green Roof | Waterproofing with a Roof Kit

Green roof systems

Green roofing has been growing in popularity in both domestic and commercial sectors for the last few years and today, homeowners are taking on green roof projects to help support the local environment.
Green and other types of eco roofing requires a seamlessly waterproof base layer with a reliably long life expectancy. This is because complex systems will be installed above, making failure of a base layer a potentially disastrous situation for the project. Stripping back an eco-roof and reinstallation would be an expensive waste of time and materials and should be avoided if at all possible. 

Choosing RubberCover gives the option of a single sheet installation, with no seams. These are the vulnerable parts of any installation, historically – which is why many DIYers tend to avoid flat roof projects. RubberCover is available in a single sheet, custom-cut up to 15m x 60m – ample for most domestic roofing.

Eco roofs can also benefit from liquid rubber, providing a seamless encapsulation of concrete and other substrates in a hard-wearing coating.

The PermaRoof Green Roofing team can help you with projects of all sizes, offering expert advice and guidance through planning, waterproofing, insulation and drainage layering to the planting mediums – give us a call and we’ll help you get your eco roof underway.

Have you thought about liquid roofing kits?

Liquid PU (also known as liquid rubber) is the perfect waterproofing system to cover almost any type of substrate, including concrete, which is a common roof surface for older garage and outbuilding constructions in the UK. We stock a range of liquid roofing kits, containing everything you need to complete the project. 

Why use liquid roofing?

Some types of flat roofing can sometimes be a little too complex for membrane – perhaps there are multiple extrusions, a complicated design or made from a substrate that will need more work for membrane installation.
Our liquid roofing kits are PU-based and encapsulate almost any substrate from concrete to metal and everything in between. The are flexible and durable and can be applied using a series of rollers and matting to create a seamless finish suitable for a wider range of projects.

Buy off-the-shelf 5m2 and 10m2 liquid roofing kits or give the team a call and we’ll build you a kit to suit your needs (min 5m2).

Let us help

PermaRoof UK provide industry leading support and product guidance for all our customers, large and small. We have an extensive resource library, installation guides and video tutorials to help you every step of the way and are at the end of the phone during working hours to answer your questions.

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