DIY Garage Roof Kits Make Replacement Fast and Easy

DIY Garage Roof Kits Make Replacement Fast and Easy

It is common at this time of year to notice problems with your garage roof. The heat of the sun can adversely affect certain types of roofing, such as felt, causing bubbles to rise and form in the surface. These bubbles dramatically thin the bituminous coverings and once the cooler temperatures hit, they often crack, allowing water in.

Before this happens, try to address the issue in advance while the weather is still good, and make plans to repair the covering. If you’ve repaired the roof before, it may be time to bite the bullet and get the garage roofing replaced with something more modern and longer lasting.

Why EPDM is ideal for garage roofing

Many people use the garage for far more than housing a car these days. Often, they are ripe for conversion and can provide additional living or storage space for typical families. Historically, garage roof coverings are poor performers, but today, EPDM offers a highly reliable way of waterproofing the flat roofs of garages.

EPDM weathers like no other membrane and has an expected service life of over 50 years. It will sit on the garage roof and withstand heat, freezing temperatures, UV radiation, ozone and more, slowing the aging process and giving your roofing the protection it needs in today’s climate.

Buying and installing a garage roof kit

Buying an EPDM garage roof kit is the easiest way to tackle replacement yourself. Once you’ve measured the roofing accurately, simply buy a standard kit or let us tailor one to suit your needs. DIY roof kits from PermaRoof UK contain everything needed in the right quantities:

  • Firestone RubberCover EPDM membrane
  • PermaRoof Water-based Adhesive
  • Firestone Spray Contact Adhesive (750ml aerosol)
    PermaRoof Bond and Seal Sealant
  • Gutter trim
  • Edge trim
  • Joint clip
  • External corners
  • End caps
  • Closed cell foam tape
  • Poly pins (40mm)

View our range of garage roof kits.

It is fast and easy for an experienced and skilled DIYer to install our EPDM garage roof kits. All adhesives are cold applied, the membrane is typically installed in a single sheet (up to 15.4m x 30m) and few tools are needed.

We offer a wide range of free installation guides and video tutorials to help with all your DIY roofing projects. Visit our corporate resource library here.

If you’re not confident working at height, call in a professional roofing installer. The ease and speed of installation can often mean that labour rates are reduced when compared to other types of roofing. It could be cheaper than you think – get in touch if you need a recommended installer.

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