QuickSeam SA Flashing can be used to line gutters, to carry out general roof repairs where cured EPDM is required, and for skylights and parapets, where flashing heights allow.  It can also be used to flash in drain insert pieces and pipe flanges.  SA Flashing is a labour saving and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods which use contact adhesive for attachment.  

Due to the fact that the Quickseam Tape Technology is used as the adhesive, it is considered self-seaming. Simply prime the membrane with Quickprime Plus to which the SA Flashing will be installed.  

Description QuickSeam SA Flashing is a 457mm wide Rubbercover membrane fully laminated to Quickseam tape.  It has a polyester release liner for easy removal and excellent weather resistance.

How to Use

Using a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle, apply Quickprime Plus to the roof membrane and substrate to receive the SA Flashing, Allow Quickprime Plus to flash off (user will determine flash off time). Cut the SA Flashing to sufficient length for either curb or parapet then apply once Quickprime Plus has flashed off.  

With superior ozone and ultraviolet resistance, the product remains flexible over wide temperature variations. It has excellent long-term weathering qualities.  Application temperature range between -23 degrees and +49 degrees.

Quickscrubber Pad and Handle. Quickprime Plus must be used with SA Flashing! Product code: 1005486 For Further Product Information Please do not hesitate to contact us

Customer Service and Delivery


  • Orders placed before 2pm will usually be delivered the next working day (Mainland UK).
  • Collection available from Alfreton, Derby.
  • For further product information please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Free installation guides available on request via e-mail or post.


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Quick Seam SA Flashing