Liquid Roofing

Superior waterproofing and more with liquid rubber roofing

Perfect for emergency roof repair for trade and DIY

Permaroof500 liquid rubber is the latest innovation in flat roofing systems. Suitable for adhesion to most types of surfaces, liquid rubber gives flexibility to the most complex projects and is capable of waterproofing historically difficult-to-reach areas of some flat roofing designs perfectly in just a single coat.

The Permaroof500 liquid rubber solution is much more than a highly effective waterproofing system for flat roofing. The versatile liquid polyurethane membrane system can also be used for the creation of anti-skid and anti-slip surfaces. With an added anti-slip medium, Permaroof500 is the perfect solution for car parking coatings and to make safe concrete garden steps, paths and walkways.

Training for Permaroof500 application is available here.

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