Permaroof UPVC Gutter Trim


PermaRoof’s gutter trim is manufactured from high quality, virgin extruded UPVC to give a watertight seal around the edges of the project. Developed to work perfectly with EPDM membrane, the trim sandwiches the membrane within the two-part design. 

  • Eliminate penetration when fixing
  • Unique design, patented by PermaRoof UK
  • 2.5m lengths, two-part system
  • Available in black (shown), anthracite grey and white

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Why buy PermaRoof Trim?

The unique design of PermaRoof’s highly popular edge and gutter trim system delivers the performance you need on a flat roof. Our roofing trim has been developed with this in mind and designed to perfectly suit the longevity of EPDM. 

We know how important it is to complete the watertight seal around the edges of the membrane, protecting the timbers and overall integrity of the installation. We designed our trim to work in two parts, eliminating penetration during fixing. 

How installation works

Gutter and edge trims are best installed as part of an overall waterproofing project. This is because the system back plate is installed before the membrane, and then finished with the front plate afterwards, trapping the membrane and creating the seal. Effective, innovative and reliable. 

You can buy the gutter trim system separately or as part of a roof kit. Our DIY complete flat roof kits include everything you need – EPDM, adhesive, sealant, trim system and fixings – a roof in a box. Find out more about our standard roof kits and buy online in a range of sizes or tailor a kit to suit your needs.

Customer Service and Delivery

  • Same day order turnaround for orders placed before 2pm (Mon-Fri).
  • Fast delivery (Mainland UK) or collection available from Alfreton, Derby.
  • For further product information please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Trade and stockist enquiries welcome.