Rob the Roofer: What are the Benefits of Using EPDM for Green Roofs?


Here at PermaRoof UK, our Green Roof Division are often asked for advice about waterproofing. ‘What are the benefits of using EPDM for a green roof?’ is one of our top questions on the subject. We asked Rob the Roofer, our resident EPDM expert. Watch the video to find out more…

Video transcript

Rob, what are the benefits of using a membrane for a green roof?

Generally, the membrane, when used with a green roof – because the membrane comes in large panels, there are less seams and joins in that actual roof covering. This, in turn, gives the building owner more confidence to install a green roof that generally is going to be saturated and holding water permanently. 

With the RubberCover systems available, this allows us to do roofs in one piece of material where the risk of a leak is totally minimised.

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Why EPDM for green roofing?

Green roofing systems need to have a reliable waterproofing layer, as once installed, it will be protecting the roof deck from a higher volume of water coming through drainage, soil and planting mediums. 

Removing the green roof if there is a problem later with the waterproofing membrane would prove disastrous to the entire project. This is why it is important to take a high performance, long lasting approach to this critical base protective layer.
EPDM is highly reliable with a service life expectancy of over 50 years. As Rob says, for most projects it can be laid in a single sheet using RubberCover or with fewer field seams using a fleece backed option. Let’s look at these two EPDM options in more detail:

ElevateTM RubberCover

RubberCover EPDM is available in two grades at PermaRoof Store – 1.14mm standard and 1.52mm premium grade, ideal for green roofs. We can custom-cut this membrane up to 15m x 60m, reducing the need for field seams or joins. 

Lightweight and easy to install using water-based adhesives, RubberCover EPDM is popular for DIY. We include RubberCover EPDM in our flat roof kits, an excellent option to avoid over- or under-buying, complete with adhesive, sealant and trim.

SealEco Fleece Backed EPDM

We also stock SealEco fleece backed EPDM, the perfect membrane for green roofs and terraces. RubberTop EPDM is available at PermaRoof in 2.3mm thickness and in two widths – 1.78m and 3.4m – to suit a wider range of project scopes and reducing field seams. Available by the roll or by the metre. We stock all the accessories and seam tapes you need to install.

Note that fleece backed EPDM does typically require field seaming and this process must be carried out carefully, following the manufacturer's installation guidelines.
If you’re a competent DIYer considering tackling the waterproofing membrane yourself, RubberCover is fast and easy to install. We provide a range of free installation guides to help you through every aspect and the Green Roof Division is here to offer expert advice. Find out more about green roofs on our corporate website here.

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