Special Offer for Firestone EPDM Training

1st June 2015

This month at Permaroof UK we have a special offer for those of you wishing to participate in our renowned Firestone EPDM Training program.  

Professionally-run training days are available now for Tuesdays in July at a special discounted price for a limited time. If you hurry, you can reserve your place for a full day of training at our new training facility in Derby.

The day gets off to a cracking start and includes:

  • Practical demonstrations of all the tricks and tips you need to learn how to apply and install EPDM - the industry's sustainable replacement for traditional felt flat roofing
  • A unique certificate number
  • Buffet lunch and beverages
  • A flash drive that includes all the EPDM training guides - video training material, Firestone promotional DVD training guide and video for the Moondraught Sunpipe
  • Brochures and EPDM samples for your future clients
  • 20 year membrane warranties
  • Free registration onto our Survey & Warranty registration app


For a small extra fee, you can upgrade to a fast track marketing pack that will give you additional promotional material such as van stickers and sample roof for demonstrations, brochures and tools!

Check out our special offer now and don't look back - Firestone EPDM Training Days for professional, affordable training that will put you ahead of your flat roofing competitors.

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