Recover Your Shed Roof for Under £60!

25th March 2016

With Permaroof Shed-Roof-in-a-Box kits you really can recover your shed roof from just £60. Our kits start at 2m x 1.7m, or 6ft x 4ft, and include everything you need to get the job done fast.

Replacing the shed roof is a job that hangs over you; you know it needs doing, but getting someone in to do the job can sometimes cost as much as buying a new shed. Going down the DIY route may not be something you have considered. Who wants to mess about with felt and hot bitumen?

EPDM membranes offer the highest levels of waterproofing, and beat felt over and over again in terms of longevity. With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, the new roof covering will probably outlive the shed, and you need never have to concern yourself with a leaky shed roof again.

Our shed roof kits are perfect for any DIY enthusiast, with a water-based adhesive and a one-piece membrane. Full instructions are included, and we have online video tutorials if you get stuck. What are you waiting for?

What's in the shed roof kit box?

Choose from a wide range of standard-sized shed roof kits and find inside:

A Firestone EPDM membrane in the size you need
Firestone spray contact adhesive
Permaroof bond and seal sealant
A lifetime membrane warranty

We offer next working day delivery if you order before 2pm, so you can buy today and fit tomorrow with Permaroof UK.

So now you know you can do-it-yourself, why not give it a go? With a Permaroof shed roof kit you simply cannot go wrong. Thousands of our customers have gone on to replace their other flat roofing with EPDM - save a fortune and create a professional finish with Permaroof.

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