Replace Asbestos Roofing with EPDM

15th June 2015

Mention the word asbestos and many people run for the hills. Unsurprisingly in many cases, as asbestos can be deadly if not handled and treated in the correct manner.

Asbestos sheets were traditionally used in the 60's and 70's to cover outside building roofs, such as garages, brick-built sheds and storerooms. Many of these buildings are still standing and people tend to leave the asbestos sheets in place, but what about when you are looking for a sustainable, safe solution to the new garage roof?

Firestone EPDM membrane is the perfect alternative to hazardous asbestos sheets and other traditional roofing materials, such as felt.

Removing asbestos sheets must be done following strict guidelines or handled by a professional removal outfit. It can be a costly endeavour, as it must also be disposed of properly - a system which is tightly regulated.

In countries other than the UK, removing asbestos is more commonly done by renovators, but still carefully regulated insofar as the disposal is concerned.

The video below gives an idea of how this can be handled DIY-fashion and the measures and risks that should be carefully calculated. Permaroof would always recommend using a qualified, registered company to remove high risk asbestos roofing.


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