Permaroof Launch New Kit Builder App

22nd May 2014

Permaroof launches new App

Permaroof are proud to announce the launch of a new flat roofing kit builder application for Android that will revolutionise the way you prepare your quotes or work out the materials for your DIY installation.

The exciting innovation that is the Permaroof Kit Builder App will be ready for launch later this month and has already generated so much interest that we have created a pre launch web version for you to try. Visit the site at and prepare to be amazed at the simple, fast and incredible calculator tool. Using the app, you will be able to customise your kit in minutes, with features to:
>    Input flat roof sizes
>    Allow for extrusions and corners
>    Customise the setting - tell the app about adjoining buildings and other roof surfaces
>    Decide which grade of EPDM membrane you need
>    Calculate edge trims
>    Design the flat roof layout

Once you have inputted your requirements, using the interactive interface, your kit will be worked out with pinpoint accuracy within seconds, allowing to you immediately order exactly what you need for your flat roof.

The super-accurate app will make quoting for jobs a breeze. We think you will love it and can see the Permaroof Kit Builder App becoming an essential part of every roofing contractor’s toolbox in a very short space of time!

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