Rob the Roofer: How Much Maintenance Does RubberCover Need?


‘How much maintenance is required with RubberCover membrane?’ is another of our top questions here at PermaRoof UK. We asked Rob the Roofer, our resident EPDM expert. Watch the video to find out…

Video transcript

With the RubberCover membrane, there is little, or no maintenance required. We’d probably just go over the flat roof a couple of times a year – once when we come from autumn to winter and then again as we enter the spring, just to remove any leaves and check for any potential damage that may have occurred if there’s been a storm during the winter months.

Longevity with a high performance membrane

RubberCover membranes give homeowners longevity with an exceptional 50-year service life expectancy. High performing and in addition, providing an environmentally friendlier option with less waste and full recyclability after its lifespan is finally over.

Low maintenance flat roofing

Once correctly installed, RubberCover EPDM requires little or no maintenance. Visually inspect the roofing from an upstairs window, especially following a storm. Remove large debris, such as fallen tree branches, to avoid puncturing the membrane. If EPDM does become damaged, it is fast and easy to repair using a range of accessories and sealants.

This low maintenance EPDM system is also fast and easy to install, making it the ideal choice for DIY. We stock a range of complete roof kits, including RubberCover membrane in a single sheet to eliminate seams and joins.

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