EPDM Buyers Warned About Fake Products

20th October 2014

It is always prudent to ensure that you are buying genuine Firestone EPDM products when deciding how to recover your flat roof. We are hearing stories within the industry of some imitation 'EPDM' out there, which is disturbing to say the least – not just for the buyers, but also for the industry itself.

Fake EPDM can pose many problems from installation to weatherability once it is in place.

Genuine Firestone EPDM membrane is made from a complex mix of rubber compounds, polymers and carbon black and has unmatched sustainability with an expected lifespan of more than 50 years.

Permaroof UK are the largest importer and stockist of Firestone EPDM membranes and products and we know what we are looking at.

Having seen some fake EPDM first-hand, there is no mistaking it for the real thing. The manufacture is completely different, as no one can mimic the quality of real EPDM RubberCover. What is most disturbing, of course, is that the average DIY enthusiast does not have any comparison to make and does not realise that they have inferior membrane.

Once the fake membrane is installed on the flat roof, then the real problems will ensue. Firestone EPDM membrane is famed for its proven ability to provide complete waterproofing across the entire installation. Thin, counterfeit membrane generally does not and this will mean that before long the flat roof covering that you spent time and money installing, will need to come off and be replaced.

For future reference, a few pounds saved buying 'faux' EPDM membrane in the first instance, will all be wasted when it needs to be replaced with the genuine article at a later date. There is an old saying - 'Penny pinching - pound stupid'.

Don't fall victim to fake EPDM membranes, buy only genuine Firestone EPDM from reputable suppliers and save money in the long-term with a valuable, 100% watertight installation that can stay where it is for years to come.

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