When is it the Right Time to Replace a Flat Roof?

30th October 2017

When is the right time to replace your flat roof? Ideally it should be BEFORE it begins to leak.

If you have a flat roof, you should make regular inspections of it, maybe every few months or so, to make sure the covering is continuing to perform well. If you can see out over your flat roof, this should be an easy undertaking, as a visual inspection is usually enough.

Always check your flat roof during the run-up to the winter months, as if there are any issues, you want to deal with them before the colder, harsher weather sets in, and always perform an inspection of your flat roof after a storm, in case flying debris has damaged the surface.

What should you look for on the flat roof?

Make sure that there is no ponding of water after a heavy downpour. This is one of the first signs that you may have an issue, particularly if the pools of water on the surface remain there after a few days. If you can walk on the roof deck, brush away the water with a soft broom, and pay close attention to the areas of ponding water.

Look for bubbles or cracks on the surface of the flat roof covering. These can be sure signs that your current flat roof covering is reaching the end of its lifespan. Cracks and bubbles often appear in older, traditional flat roofing methods, such as asphalt felt, and need to be addressed before water ingress leads to a more costly problem with rotting roof deck and associated joists.

Consider a low-maintenance option if you need to replace your flat roof

Today's high-performance EPDM membranes have low-maintenance, long-lasting capabilities with 100% waterproofing if prepared and applied correctly.

The installation of Firestone EPDM rubber roofing will deliver greater peace of mind than more traditional flat roof coverings, and will require little or no maintenance once applied. With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, EPDM is fast-becoming the clear choice for flat roofing in the UK.

Find out more about EPDM rubber roofing for your flat roof here.

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