EPDM Rubber Roofing Marketing Pack Reduced

5th November 2016

For a limited time, Permaroof UK are offering a fantastic discount on our Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Marketing Pack. Pay just £75 + VAT!

Improve your chances with your rubber roofing clients with this comprehensive bundle available now from Permaroof with next day delivery.

Included in your exclusive marketing pack will be:

  • 1 x sample roof - perfect for demonstrating the EPDM rubber roofing system
  • 1 x penny roller
  • 1 x silicon roller
  • 1 x pair scissors
  • 1 x tape measure
  • 1 x crayon
  • 100 x Firestone EPMD rubber roofing leaflets
  • 100 x EPDM rubber roofing samples
  • Survey pad and pen
  • 2 x van stickers


With a retail value of more than £85.00, and that's without the leaflets, samples, survey pad and pen and the van stickers, you can clearly see where the savings are to be made.

Show your customers that you are ready to embrace the latest innovative solutions to their leaking flat roofing, and demonstrate how EPDM rubber roofing is beating traditional felting solutions hands down in terms of longevity - with an expected lifespan of more than five decades - and weatherability - with unmatched capabilities for withstanding high winds and fluctuating temperatures.

Take advantage of this limited time offer now, and get your hands on our exclusive EPDM rubber roofing marketing pack here.

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