The Scaffolding Contract 2014 Launched

24th March 2014

The Scaffolding Contract 2014 edition has now been launched by Construction Industry Publications, bringing the popular publication up-to-date.

Written and endorsed by the Contractors Legal Group and the National Access and Scaffolding Confederations, The Scaffolding Contract is a must to take the hassle out of deciding which contract to use for which job and the concern out of the production of a fair contract.

Suitable for use with any size of scaffolding job, the Scaffolding Contract covers all aspects, including, but not limited to:

   > Period of hire
   > H&S directives
   > Costs for extra hire
   > Contractor responsibilities (whether main or sub-contractors)
   > Dates of commencement
   > Changes to the scaffold within the term of the contract
   > Dismantling and end of contract

An essential guide is also included to help with pricing issues, in the form of a schedule of rates for common scaffolding items, to address concerns about costs of variations that may arise during the works and if problems do arise, there is an agreement included to arrange for disputes to be decided by an adjudicator in addition to or instead of court proceedings.

Everything is covered in simple, easy-to-follow terminology within the Scaffolding Contract 2014 - available now.


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