DIY Flat Roof Repair – Save Time and Money with Rubber Roof Kits

8th May 2016

Do you need to do a DIY flat roof repair? Maybe the old felt roof covering is cracked or leaking and urgently needs attention before it causes some major damage.

This time of year, with temperatures fluctuating and wet, windy weather still on the horizon in the UK, finding the right time to carry out critical flat roof repairs can be a logistical nightmare.

With time of the essence, the best way to perform DIY flat roof repairs can be with the use of a rubber roof kit. A kit contains the works - membrane, adhesive, trims and tools - everything you need to make a good job of the repair, or, as makes more sense, replacement.

Replacement of a flat roof covering is not as tough as it sounds - in fact - if you are performing a DIY flat roof repair, you are already part-way there. Replacing felt roofing with a rubber roof kit gives longevity to the roof that you simply will not see if you patch the felt. You will be back in a few months doing it all over again.

Installing our rubber roof kits is super-easy. The one-piece membrane and cold adhesive is a far cry from traditional felt roofing and ideal for DIY installation.

Take a look at our standard-sized rubber roof kits, available to buy online today.

DIY flat roof replacement has never been easier, and with EPDM you can even work in the rain - should you need to!

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