Premium Grade EPDM on Sale this Month!

8th August 2015

There has never been a better time to stock up on your premium grade Firestone EPDM with a special offer this month at Permaroof UK - the best place to buy your flat roofing supplies online.

With almost £2 per square metre off, Permaroof UK can help you with a significant saving!

Permaroof are the UK's leading importer and supplier of genuine Firestone EPDM membrane, and are uniquely positioned to provide the best flat roofing supplies at the best prices - AND with next day delivery!

Premium grade Firestone EPDM membrane is a heavy duty, high-performance synthetic rubber membrane with unprecedented weatherability and waterproofing qualities. At 1.52mm premium grade thickness, our flat roofing membranes offer 100% water-resistance over its guarantee period of 20 years, and its expected lifespan of more than 50.

Fitted in a single sheet, the premium membrane is not only high-performance, but also super-easy to apply - so much so that it is our number one seller for the DIY market.

We also have a great range of EPDM flat roofing products in our special offers this month - click here to view them all.

Take advantage of our fantastic August offer and buy your premium grade membrane today - check it out in our online store now.

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